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Plumdog Will Be Left Behind

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I want this dog! He has his own blog.

This entry reads: "Tuesday 2nd April. They think I don't know what's going on but I do. I'm to be the Cinderella of Plums ... LEFT BEHIND. So I'm sorry that I won't be able to write my blog till they get back."

"My Weezie dogmother is coming to look after me and we will have a Very Nice Time Thank You. So they can stuff their stupid holiday without me. See you later alligator."
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I feel kind of deprived when people talk about having dogs growing up. Sure, we had hamsters, turtles, and even chameleons but our house was very small for 8 people and Mom always said that she had enough to care for let alone having to deal with a 'significant' pet. I got it however we still bugged her about it over the years. Poor woman!


We had a few different breeds when I was growing up. I have also watched the Westminster Kennel club dog show every year since I can remember, (until recently, when they changed tv networks that air it) I may not appreciate all breeds, but I find most of them interesting. I just like dogs :)

RJ, Once again I had recourse to search Google for "Blue Heeler"; how in the world can you know So many breeds? Rosey sounds like a cutie. Happy to give you a memory. I really do love this series about Plum Dog's diary; you should look it up. JM


I had a Blue Heeler years ago that led to lay in my suitcase before a trip. She clearly didn't want me to go without her. Fond memory from this puzzle. Her name was Rosey.

Thanks, Diz ... I have a soft spot for this little guy. He reminds me of my sister's dog, Arlo, who looks like him only a mixed white coloring.

That's OK PlumDog! You'll have much more fun at home without all the fuss and bother of the travelling! Diz

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