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Jorjee was sitting, watching the crew cleaning out my place. (and grabbing a bit of winter sunshine.)
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  5. hilda450:13
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Such a cute "supervisor". He has grown up so much, but is still adorable.


Good luck with the "soft talk". That's a tough one to train!

True, landal. But I am still waiting for it to start.


Oh boy! @Ianto Will we get to see what happens to all that salt? 😀

I might get snow today, still waiting for it to start.


Attaboy Jorjee! You watch 'em every minute, and stay warm and dry, too! 😀


Good boy, Jorjee! Sunshine makes all the difference on cold winter days!! Enjoy keeping watch Jorjee and soaking up the sunbeams.


Smart boy!!


He definitely enjoys the sunshine, and "keeping watch".... And he tells me whenever a vehicle goes by! ("Bark! Bark!") We are working on 'talk soft'. He's slowly getting it.


Stay warm Jorgee!


Nothing like sunshine on a cold and wntery day!

Maybe some playtime later.

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