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English Heaven

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40 pieces
152 solves
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  1. SRpunster1:09
  2. Brie16481:39
  3. auntmom71:43
  4. anina1:58
  5. dickiedodo2:09
  6. jigidi1232:17
  7. Cairenn2:22
  8. mattdon12:28
  9. RainyO2:35
  10. Bigboo822:40


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oh please, never ever let Kraft change the recipe - I would die! there is nothing better than the melting sensation of a chunk of Dairy Milk...
I took some (loads actually) to a friend in New Jersey so we could haver a taste comparison test - the US stuff isn't a patch on ours. It has that 'dry' quality that Hersheys has; none of the rich velvety texture of Cadburys - it was a tragedy indeed the day the sold out to Kraft

I can do it but I found it hard too.


can you do this puzzle?
i found it hard

It might have gone but it's still made to the original recipe when it was still ours!


it's gone mate!

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