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Naboo Loves His Grass

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This is dessert for Naboo and he likes to relax and kind of "guard" it.
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So good to hear from you. I am so happy to hear that Angus is "just fine." I'm sure it was terrible listening to him "cry" all the way to the Vet. My son takes Naboo once a year for his shots and checkup and HE CRYS ALL THE WAY THERE. (28 miles) Makes my son so nervous and sad to hear him. When the vehicle stops, he is fine and quiet but when the vehicle is going, he cries. He is just fine when he gets to the Vet and handles everything without a single "meow." :-)) I know it must have worried you about Angus wheezing and coughing but to get a good report is great. These kitties can certainly wrap us around their little fingers (paws) for sure. :-)) Naboo is doing fine and is such a good boy, even though he is spoiled a little. :-) I am also very happy to hear that things are getting back to normal there. I hope the fires are ALL out. I haven't heard anything on the news lately about them still burning so I pray that means all is well, everywhere. Thanks for letting me know. Take care of your "babies" and Naboo says hello. :-)


hello my friend, have been so busy, and Angus has been showing signs of an infection, with our problems, Angus developed a harsh cough, it is a daily thing, was getting so worried about it, and today started, wheezing and coughing late in the afternoon, seems that he tries to clear his throat, and the attack lasts about four or five minutes, but when he started in the afternoon, I thought that's it buddy, vet time. so dropped everything, grabbed the cat box and the moment I did so, angus dived under the bed. he is one clever boy, called and called, nothing. and finally had to resort to old faithful. rattled his box of cat biscuits, and out he come. he can refuse anything but when it concerns his stomach he is a pushover. raced him to the vet, he cried all the way, never stopped. for the entire trip. vet checked him thoroughly, said he is in fine condition other than being overweight which I have mentioned before. I feebly said, I know, he is just big boned. convinced me , but not the vet. on the way home, total silence, guess he knew there would be treats for him when we arrive. was great to know he is ok. money well spent , even if just to know he is fine. but even I realise the little tyke can wrap me around his little paw. and he does.
and how is the beautiful naboo. fine I trust. just keeping in touch , we are fine, and things slowly getting back to normal. but I think we count our blessings daily, realising just how lucky wee are. all is well. and I hope all is fine at your end. bye for now.


Thank you for checking out Naboo's new picture. He poses quite well. :-)) That is such a cute story about your "babies." I loved reading it. Naboo will not sleep under a cover. He sleeps on top of the quilt on my bed. He has several places he likes to sleep in the daytime -- one being on top of a high bookshelf in the den, another being on his "perch" thing, and another on the couch. I loved that Angus loves a belly rub because Naboo does too. :-))) Sometimes that brings on a playtime with my hand as if it were another cat. My hand usually gets the worst of it, if his claws have not been clipped a little. :-)) Yes, he has "treats" and he loves his "water" fountain. There are times that he feels ready to rump and will scratch off on the floor and run as fast as he can through the house. He is so funny sometimes and gives me lots of laughs. As you said, these Kitties have a hard life (ha) but they make ours very pleasant. Happy rubs to Angus and Misty from Naboo and Donna and have a beautiful day to YOU.


hello beautiful boy, Angus and Misty, are still ensconced on my bed, still have the electric blanket on and haven't seen them except for one visit to check on them at twelve oclock. the moment I walked in, Angus rolled onto his back, waiting for his daily belly rub, and me being so well trained complied. Misty just slept on. its now 4 in the afternoon. they should emerge in about an hour for their tea, if on the odd occasion I feel they are not getting enough exercise, all I have to do is shake their biscuit box, just once or twice, and bedlum occurs. in a split second they are standing by their biscuit bowls in the kitchen. Poor boys, they live such a hard life.
Does Mum have your treats nearby ? you are indeed a beautiful boy, Naboo. in many ways , you, and my boys are the difference between a house, and a home. genuine pure love, comes so natural to such as you. thankyou sweet one. with love, angus misty, and their maid.


Thank you, Haney. He is a very good Kitty even though he is a little spoiled. He gives much pleasure and lots of laughs and he is very precious to me. :-) The name, Naboo (pronounced Nu-boo) was given to him by my son. It is the name of the planet on Star Wars where Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker's Mother lived. (ha) Naboo answers to that name and doesn't seem to mind it at all. (ha) Thanks and I appreciate you stopping by, my friend.


Donna, great picture. Intersting name for your cat. Haney :-)

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