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trompe l'oeil

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I liked it too. Fun puzzle, fun cartoon.


Thanks for that link, Bill! Hilarious!

Good old Garry Trudeau will never run out of material, especially with so many issues that need to be addressed these days!


Bill_I_Am, there's no "butting in"; it's just a conversation! And good that you commented, because I didn't realize the work is a photograph! How cool!


@Tincup and @ElvisBanana I thought you might enjoy this. A link to it arrived in a newsletter from A.Word.A.Day with the title "Trump d’œil."


Thanks to you both, Goodnuff and Bill!

I'm not really sure why I wasn't smart enough to click on the image copyright - I do it all the time with Bill's puzzles! It was quite interesting to read the comments, especially those by the artist. It shed a lot of light on the subject (though the light was striated!).

This has been a very fun puzzle. Solving it was just the beginning. Learning more about it has been a real hoot! Thanks again, Goodnuff, and thanks for your help, Bill.


Sorry, Goodnuff. Didn't mean to butt in. I wanted Elvis to see that it is a photograph, not a painting. And yes, that is the name Lúcia P gave it, too. It makes a fabulous puzzle!


Wow, Elvis, you are really stretching my memory. I had to look it up the puzzle to see why I gave it that title, and meanwhile Bill beat me to it. Yes, optical illusion is the correct answer, most usually, in my experience, when a flat surface is made to appear 3-D.


Elvis, click on the image copyright!


One more comment, I just translated "Trompe l'oeil" from French, and the result I got was "optical illusion".


Gosh, Goodnuff, I'm awfully late to this party, but I'm sure glad I made it!

When I first saw your title for the puzzle, I thought it was also the title of an art installation. After poking about the internet for a few minutes, I assume I was wrong.

So I'll take a guess, and would ask you to please let me know whether or not I'm correct.

Trompe l'oeil is a technique of painting or otherwise creating an image that fools the eye. This looks like some type of scene under a bridge or in a garage, with a wall that has circular holes, and light streaming down through slats overhead. What I THINK is REALLY the case is that this is a painting on a flat wall or canvas, made to look like the scene I just described. How'd I do?

Regardless of my success, or lack thereof, in trying to guess what I'm seeing, this has been a very interesting and (once I hear your reply) educational puzzle. Thanks so much, I LOVE puzzles like this!


Thanks for tapping me on the virtual shoulder, Bill. Yes, I love Lucia P (m lucia). Wonderful photo!


This is sooo cool! And such a coincidence because I love Lúcia P's work--she has such an amazing eye. I first "met" her in @Tincup 's puzzles. Thanks so much, Goodnuff!


Nice puzzle!!!