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Thanks so much for the card, Su! LOL!


I know there are several others with a background or interest in craft. Perhaps there are forces at work that are drawing us together . . . lol
I have always been interested in art and craftwork and have tried most things over the years and am 'experimenting' all the time . . . I would love to try something like lost wax casting but there are no facilities locally.
I envy the number of craft suppliers you have in the US and the range of materials available to you. Many of the suppliers here deal mainly in kits which tend to be very expensive and restrictive. Fortunately I have over the years managed to find a few reliable suppliers in the UK but also buy on-line from the States on occasions.
Do you specialise in any particular area Gabecyr?


gabecyr, I often comment on how small the world really is. I have a neice and a nephew that live in Spokane and a mother-in-law in Wenatchee, she was also into crafts, co-owned a store, tole painting/quilts/ceramics and her sister was a master china painter. Trivia point of the day; I graduated from University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, eons ago.


Pilley you will be right least MUCH closer than our Froggy. I earned my living as a craft artist, now retired from the grind of art shows and the like....but grew up in Spokane, near Olympia. Love how connected we all are!


justjoan WELCOME.... secrets are hard to keep in this bunch.

T and F, we will be camping at an Idaho State Park in the middle of Idaho, Walcott Lake SP, all the Idaho State Parks got wi-fi this year which makes life easier to keep up with important stuff. Hope to get some good fall photo's. Take care and catch you later.


Aaaargh . . . my secret is out Joan and here was me trying to be a froglet of mystery . . . lol

Thanks for the reply Kathy . . . I will get back to you when you return from your camping trip . . . have a great time . . . :D)


I just learned something about both of you. Fascinating. :)


I will see if I can get this to post; looking up my misspelled words and tend to close this window before I am done with corrections, so frustrating to have to retype............ also wish I could spell better but on to the reason I am typing....

Thanks for your reply and information. Did not know that troubleatmill was double you........, have actually done some of the puzzles, they are very creative, love the colors and styles.

I retired from being an Occupational Therapist (40+ years) about a year ago and my husband bought me Corel about 6 months ago and I have not decided if I wanted to learn it or not, I do not retrain well or easily. I now use PhotoShop 7.0. Have done what I call head swapping and background manipulations for co-workers. Heads of people on cartoon caricatures and outregious backgrounds. Also heavy into crafts all my life, you name the craft and I have probably done it or am doing it. The only jewelry I have done is lost wax casting (loved it). Now I am into photography and digital manipulations. After seeing your work I will probably see if I cannot learn Corel, when the snow gets deep. For now we are going camping for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your help. Kathy


lol Pilley and thank you very much for your kind words. . . :D)

Yes, I do turn my hand to other things . . . there are my kaleidos under my 'troubleatmill' ID. The majority of my avatars are drawn from scratch . . . including this 'spooky' one and the one that I am currently using on my other ID along with miscellaneous other drawings that I have posted from time to time. Away from Jigidi I am heavily into craft work so Corel comes in very handy for my card making but the main thing I have used it for is designing my netted beadwork jewellery and drawing the illustrations for the patterns and instructions.
I have also found it very good for photo-editing . . . I don't know whether you saw the composite photo of my grandsons . . . if not you can find it on
I have used this method to put my friends and relatives heads on various other bodies . . . the results can be hilarious . . . :D)


Where on earth did you find this old photo of me?
Love you work, if you use Corel, do you do other Art?