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'55 Crown Victoria

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Gee, Jacques, I knew they were valuable now, but 28000 is mind boggling! That's when my country knew how to make cars. You'd think they still would, inasmuch as a guy who lived here, by the name of Henry Ford, invented the automobile in the first place! Oh well....


These are very rare here in Belgium, if you can find a state then you must pay
28000 dollar, buy the way very nice car


Amen, Willey!

I owned one also, bought new, salmon (tan) & white, dualled off glass packs, fender skirts. A real beauty & a joy to drive, you had to fight the girls off, what a great era to have lived in.


Yes, they were really nice.

I had a black and white one I was never able to restore. Love this one.


You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, I love this car. My brother had one in the 60's, it's been my favorite since! Thanks!!