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The "Moelledammen" og "Ringebakkerne" trip!

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I hope you remember how this view was in spring colours!


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Thanks Ank, do sleep well too, and tomorrow I hope you'll have better time!! Thanks again!!


Lol Hanne, you made a very long trip Started in the spring and then in autumn. I know.. just a joke. Love this photo, I looked very fast to the mail, it's very very beautiful. Tomorrow I will look beter, now I did look fast (15 min). Its great and you two made a lot of work of it, thanks. Sleep tight.


Thanks so very much A3ana!

talia it may be a bit confusing, but we have reached the top and are actually moving along the pond. BUT - I showed you photos of spring, now we just go down again and start to see how it looks in autumn, it's very beautiful too. When we come up - tomorrow you'll see how the views look in autumn before we go on with the trip. It's just an intermezzo!! Thanks so very much!!


Elfie, you posted two beautiful pictures. Are we arrived on the top ? I miss the two last days.


Also a amazing vieuw


Indeed it's MY pleasure, Ardyl, AM I glad you like it!! Let's talk about if you would like a "special edition" of the trip when we come farther. Thanks so very much!!

Thanks so very much roseheather, you are so welcome!!


Lovely and peaceful looking.


The composition in this photo is wonderful and perfect. Please tell Bent I love this. I can really get lost in this picture. Thank you so much, Hanne, for choosing this one to post.