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Anthem of the seas with her viewing boom up about 300 feet high yesterday.
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  1. laurajane0:24
  2. Dilubreuer0:27
  3. mariolyn0:28
  4. LadyDonna10:29
  5. Robbos0:29
  6. alias2v0:30
  7. JennyG660:32
  8. Shian20:33
  9. Deanna0:36
  10. Grumps0:36


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Wow is right Suzy and Dil!




Same thing happened when Queen Elizabeth 11 anchored at Lae, Papua New Guinea. Tourists from all over the world invaded the city shops, streets and restos. It being a small city was fast to get "filled" up.


Hi Shian, db, Kirsten and Dil. Roughly between 8 and 10,000 people filled up the island!


Did the tourists fill up your island Robbie?


You can see why the call them "floating hotels". This one looks like a floating city! Too big for me, I reckon. (❛ᴗ❛)


What a FANTASTIC sight!!


What a magnificent ship, I too was surprised to see such a large ship so close to the shore, Thanks, Porgy, for the explanation in your comment to Deanna.


Thanks Deanna, it gets deep very close to shore and the docks were built to accommodate the new passenger ships.


Robbie, thank you for today's beautiful series of your photos from Bermuda. Do you know what surprised me? How is possible that this huge ship is near the shore, it has a deep dive, I suppose ♥︎:))


Hi Laura, I agree, but I wouldn't go up there!


I imagine that the view up there is spectacular! Thanks, Robbie!


Hi Ardy and Carol! You're right Carol! Ardy they would see the whole island and lots of reefs.


Hi! A floating city....somewhat like an aircraft carrier but I risk saying the accommodations are a tad more luxurious? ;) Just kidding. She is a pretty spectacular ship!


Think of the photos one could get from up that high. What is it viewing? Thanks, Robbie.

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