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My first Crocus 2-18-13

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Spring is definitely on it's way.


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You are welcome, niccolina. I'm happy to brighten your day. There is now another little patch blooming where the grape hyacinths will bloom later.


Gorgeous - thanks for sharing your first Spring crocus. I have orange ones in my garden, but they don't open out like these purple ones.

The dark red leaves are the "resting" wild penstemon, Monica. They will bloom in early summer with spikes of white to rosy lilac tubular blooms. The Hummers love them and they are great as background and in bouquets. Another shade of purple for you. ;-)


The Crocus is one of my favorite flowers, what is the little red flower behind it? Thanks so much for sharing your Crocus with us Angel, it is quite beautiful!

Me, too, chickie. It's funny how the little ones bloom really early and the biggest bloom last. It's always fun to cruise around the yard and check to see what is blooming. I saw a few Spring Beauties with buds on them. They will bloom in a day or two and I will show them to you. Keep making fun for everyone, sweet lady.


They always put a smile on my face when they first appear.

You are so welcome, Jana. There are more in bud now, waiting for me to take a picture for you. Stay warm, my friend.


Hi Angel, I have the joy of your first crocus, I have 20 cm of new snow, spring far, have a nice day, thank you very much :-)))))