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Unintended Consequences II....

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Well, if only one was possible, I am so glad it was this one :0))


ou're welcome Latifa... Sorry I'm late with a response.... The new and improved Jigidi doesn't always get the comments in order by date when you click recent comments, so I have to remember to search down the page periodically... I really liked the way this one turned out and had hoped to use the same technique for more, but alas the program was way to complicated for me and this was my best result.... It is other worldly.... I'm glad you enjoyed it.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


Thanks for the link, Sally. I just love this one! It's other worldly. It could be part of a big planet way out in space, way under the sea or microscopic. Whichever, a mylar orb is reflecting the surface and the sky (or whatever) and moon above. I just love it :0)) Thanks!

I have an imagination but just can't create anything with it. I see things in what others create i guess.


Love your imagination Pat.... I suppose Robbie will be back soon with reinforcements.... I like the reflections too, I must admit this does look a lot like cauliflower.... :) :)


Adriana, you do a great job expressing yourself... I like the Google Translate, because I can hear the Dutch words or Spanish or French... It helps make the comments feel more real or closer.... oh heck... now I'm having trouble with words.... Enjoyed your shadow puzzles.... Thanks so much... :) :)
Adriana, je doet een geweldige job jezelf uit te drukken ... Ik hou van Google Translate, want ik hoor de woorden Nederlands of Spaans of Frans ... Het helpt de opmerkingen voelen zich meer echt en dichter .... oh heck ... Nu heb ik problemen met woorden .... Genoten van je schaduw puzzels .... Thanks so much ... :) :)


Thanks pkin.... :) :)

Looks like a map of Africa on the blue planet. Can see coral and cauliflower too. :)


I wish I could so well expressed what I wanted to say, but I can t. I say Thanks for your translation very sweet of you. I also love pictures 3d puzzles.


Good one Sally thanks


Thank you everyone for your encouraging and far out comments.... Jigidi is such a fun place to post our creations, whether new and crazy art works or beautifully captured photos.... The camaraderie from friends around the world is wonderful.... Love you guys!!!

This one is one of my favorites from new fractal 3D software.... Pretty complex, so I depend a lot on foxymoron to guide me through a lot of it... She's a whiz at tutorials... And like Rainiqui/Rains I break out in antibodies if I try to follow any tutorial....

(As most of you already know I LOVE 3D).... Especially when it looks like outer space or warped indescribable thingies... (For A3ana/Adriana warped indescribable thingy is: kromgetrokken onbeschrijfelijk ding...) Who would ever have thought I be writing in Dutch to a friend I've never met... (Thank you Google translate)... What an amazing world...

Ringleader, we haven't heard any thing lately regarding sallyandsally.... The last we heard some time ago she was having computer problems.... If anyone else knows more, we would like to know too, as many people are concerned about how she is....


Excuse me. This has nothing to do with this puzzle but the last few days I've seen some puzzles that reminded me again of SallyandSally. She hasn't been on since July 1. You had commented to her something about her moving into a new house. Do you know anything about her now? It's hard when one I've enjoyed just disappears. Sorry to barge in but I thought you might know. Thanks.


Space art? Love it! Thanks, Sally!


Maybe a photo from the Mars rover Curiosity?

I admire your skills, Sally! Great work.


cauliflower? coral? a dried up lake bed? *shakes head in wonder*


Heel erg mooi


Wow! fantastic! I really love this one, Sally, and the transparent ball is fabulous! This one and Chrissie's is outstanding, Thank you both so much. :):)


Love this one. thanks for the set tonight.