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Happy Valentine's everyone.

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Honestly, actually, truthfully, absolutely I forgot it!!!!!
I have not been in a shop for weeks, not left our home except to gas the car last week for Jenny. No friends have called or stopped by to remind me (I don't have any!) I have seen hearts on this site lately which I thought were for Heart week. Of course I knew it was coming but just have not been paying much attention and I have not been very active on jigidi except for my puzzles and a few new ones to solve. SO, I was reminded by a puzzle I looked at early this morning, I looked in drawer and found this old Christmas card (which I forgot to give Jenny!) With the heart it is perfect, so I crossed off Christmas and wrote valentine (see it?) and went outside managed to find these buds not damaged by the gales and some parsley background and hey presto!!! I was off the hook and Jenny was thrilled!!
I wish all of you a very Happy Day with whomever and wherever!!


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Hi yellow, Jenny has told all her friends and they love it........Yes Jenny is going to use it again! Thanks.

OMG, Robbie, talk about ROTFL !!!! What a clever save, you are too much for the beach (no wonder Jenny loves you). PARSLEY?? : - DDD


Well thanks LJ.


Somehow you managed to scrape through, Robbie! Ha ha! Great story and lovely Valentine.


Hi EF.................Thanks!!!!!




Hi cevas, you are welcome and yes we had a good day thanks, she worked and I tried to solve every puzzle on jigidi!! (The curried shrimp was delicious.) Thanks.

Hi lajuin, thanks very much, you see what we did, hope you enjoyed yourself.


Hi Robbie - Just got home from the theater and saw your very sweet valentine. Good job!
Hope you and Jenny had a lovely day.


Robbie, thank you for the wonderful puzzle, story and wishes! Sounds like you and Jenny had a great Valentine's Day!


Hi TC I guess we crossed, thanks very much, hope you enjoyed your day.

Well thanks Shirley and I hope you enjoyed your day too.


Robbie, I opened this and without reading your story, thought this is a wonderful thoughtful Man, I still havn't changed my mind after reading your story, I think they are beautiful, Have a great Valentine's Day.


Now Jenny does the same thing Lela.......Scary!!

You are very vocal PPM, hope you had a good day.

Hi Graci, I have done the same thing to friends on birthdays etc., they all have a good laugh! This was pure luck I had the blank one with a heart! Thanks.

Now don't get too carried away Celeste, couple of my mates would choke hearing you call me cute!! Thanks.

That sounds just wonderful PKH and we enjoyed our dinner together. My mates would choke again............Me? A romantic?! Thanks.

Well Tex you saw my answer to Buck? I'll never be able to forget Jenny's birthday (october 25) and who cares about the anniversary?! WE don't, we can't even remember the part of Scotland we went to for the service!! ( The registrar drove 50 miles, a waiter and waitress were witnesses and the hotel manager ate most of the canapes I ordered.......which HIS chef prepared!) I've had lots of practice getting out of trouble........Problem is I always end up back in trouble soon after!! Thanks.

Hi Rob, sure did, hope you enjoyed your day, thanks.


Happy Valentines to one clever guy and his love for his Jenny. Everyone has already said it: Great Job!


Well - you squeaked out of that one Robbie!! Happy Valentines to you & Jenny.


You know, I'm with Buckeye, but we need Jenny's address so we can just shortcut the reminders and send flowers to her ourselves! Then she'd be sure to get them, NEW ones, of course!! You crack my face, Robbie, how do you always come out smelling like a rose? You topped yourself this time. Thanks for a big chuckle!


You are a true romantic, Robbie! :)
We always make each other homemade cards, cut out from whatever is pink, red and handy. A few pieces of chocolate, a drink together...that's all it takes!
Just know you and Jenny had a wonderful day together.


Robbie you are just too cute! No wonder Jenny loves you so much.


Oh Robbie! I adore your stories, is a good thing that Jenny is such a good sport! I never heard of anybody transforming a Christmas card into a Valentine's card! I just love it!!
Happy Valentine's to you and Jenny!!


Tsk. . . .


Hee-Hee!....I do make a point of not writing on the envelope, so there's never a shortage of 'new' (-ish) ones.......And they say romance is dead!!


Sorry PLG we must have crossed when I was answering. Thanks very much, glad you like it.

Hi Michelle, that is so romantic of you, you did very well and may lift me from bottom place to 3rd from bottom of Jenny's most romantic male friends!! Yes out of all our friends my mate Fred (Who I cook a lot with) and I shared bottom place! (I kid you not!) Of course she is biased towards her three brothers who if were in the wild west would definitely be outlaws!! I love your father's story and thanks so much for your wonderful cyber card!!

Hi Ank, yes she did enjoy telling all her friends the story and looking forward to her curried shrimps after exercise class tonight. Thanks.

Hi Siren, yes I have many stories to tell and they are all true!! Of course I do make up some relating to certain puzzles, but I have so many real ones I don't have to make my own up!! Jenny is used to my antics now and says this card happens to look more like a Valentine card than a Christmas one and as I said before she is happy thinking of the shrimp!! Oh and my dad is happy because I managed to fry him some lobster I found in the freezer so all is well tonight!! Thank you for your greeting.

Well look at that we both are so romantic Lela. I must confess that I figured I might have to recycle one but I got lucky. Actually it is good to keep spares around, the problem here is the humidity makes the envelope stick to the card and what a mess trying to steam them open. I was lucky, it has been fairly dry since Christmas so no problem. Thanks Mate.

Hi Laura, you're welcome and glad you like it, thanks.


It's beautiful, Robbie. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Ah yes, roses and parsley.....made for each other........(I do a similar card thing with Mrs.Bugosi, except mine have already been used the previous year)........Happy Valentine's day!


Are you a story teller Robbiel? It sounds like a good one. I really hope for your sake that your wife believes you! Happy Valentine's day to you and your wife!


You made her a wonderful surprice. Have a lovely day together.


This is absolutely wonderful, Robbie! The pink roses to symbolize your happiness, joy and admiration for and with Jenny. The symbolic meaning of parsley is festivity so you can tell Jenny that it celebrates your love. It's not an unused card: it's one that as soon as you saw it thought of her and could only keep it to give to her on an occasion that was more apropos. So you personalized it to this day that exemplifies love. (How'd I do? btw - you could always tell her that the parsley symbolizes the way to your heart re the old adage "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach".)

PG - my mom's favourite valentine was one from my father (notorious for forgetting) which was simply a heart shaped torn piece of paper on which he had printed the words..."Don't say I never gave you one. Love....." LOL

Making the rounds to my friends to give them a Valentine. (Jigidi won't let me post yet...)


Don't you like that PD, I found mom and dad's and my aunt's cards as well, I think I only focused on cooking the two Christmas dinners and getting presents out forgetting the cards. Sure worked out for Jenny and yes she was pleased! Thanks.

Yes chickie I think going to an RNR naval school in Wales helped, we learnt to get out of any trouble REAL QUICK! (Don't remember much about the academic side though!) Thanks.

Hey JC it sure is mate, but I never forget my food!! Thanks.

Yes it is Carol and thanks.

Thanks Jana and enjoy your day.

Thanks very much PK, that is a really cool card.

Thanks a lot Buck, yes too bad we cannot just drop in on one another! Anniversary is no problem.......We both forget it!!!! Jenny's birthday is drummed into me for weeks by all the outlaws and her girl friends!!! Thanks anyway.

You're welcome Hanne and thanks.

Yes JB she loved it, a real Robbie situation! Thanks.

Yes I see that big smile PnB, actually Jenny said she will use parsley again, she likes the effect......groan...........There goes my herbs!!! Thanks.

Hi Glad thanks very much.

That is so nice Mimi, come to think of it I haven't been in jigidi trouble for a while..........I'll have to think of something!! Thanks, good to have jigidi friends, I agree.

Hi gnt, thanks very much mate.

UH OH PG, no problem mate, there must be a few blooms somewhere on your nice property or visit the neighbours down the road!! Find something in the fridge or freezer and cook a special meal. I took some of dad's shrimps for Jenny and cook her shrimp curry, her favourite. Dad has a short memory and can always get more!! (Hee-Hee)

Hi gem, hugs to you too and thanks.


Awww, Robbie -- how sweet you are! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jenny!


Hugs and a Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jenny. :DDD

(P.S. Great "recover"!)


OOOOOps I guess I am in BIG horse puckies. I will search the house for something other then soap pads to do the trick. Think a feather duster with a red ribbon will work? Need a little help her mate. At least one of us made it through the day. See you on my return from the ICU.


wishing U the best always


This is wonderful and you are a great Jigidi friend. You entertain us so well with your wit and charm! Happy Valentine's Day to both you and Jenny!


All the best. Happy Valentine's Day.


You made me smile. I especially love the bit of parsley. A real chef in every aspect.


Robbie, Jenny will love the story and the creativity that went into this sweet gift. She loves you and we all know why! We women like the simple and the sweet! Happy V-Day to you both!


The same to you, Robbie!! Thanks for the lovely picture!!


So Robbie, for one who forgot, you've done extremely well! You're a wonderful husband for dear Jenny. Thank goodness for our dear friend who did give you the reminder. (I was just over there and saw the comment!) If I was closer I'd drop by to visit you - Ohio is a bit far away and I hate to fly. But I hope you know you have LOTS of friends here at Jigidi! So you should tell us now the dates of Jenny's birthday and your anniversary so we can remind you when they're approaching!


Here is a card for you and Jenny


Hi Robbie, you did it very nicely, I wish you also a beautiful day, especially a smile on your face, health, someone dear and close to you :-))) See you soon at least puzzle.


Necessity is the Mother of invention! Well done, Robbie!! Happy Valentine's to you!


Great story, Robbie! It's hard to remember everything! LOL!


Too funny again Robbie! One has to be creative in dire situations such as this. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to you!


I love the part about the card that you forgot to give Jenny for Christmas being the one that ended up standing in for the card you forgot to buy her for Valentine's Day--the circle is complete! LOL! Wonderful ingenuity, Robbie--glad you aren't in BIG TROUBLE! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jenny! :-)))