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Pond House, Codicote, Hertfordshire. Photo by Melvyn Cousins

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I was thinking of the trellis attached to our house, but on second thoughts I might try the garden wall, thanks Barbara...Sue


I planted two wisteria on my house, they grew slowly for a couple of years, then went mad and grew into the cellar and the attic, lots of leaves and very few flowers, I had to get rid of it before it ate my house,.


Thanks Joyce. I haven't got green fingers neither and I love plants. Love this house with the beautiful wisteria, oh well I can only dream...Sue


Gorgeous house, great chimneys and wonderful wisteria!!! I love it to but I kill all plants!! Thanks Sue!! :)))
(time, 8:29)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY waxwing!!! You made it to Medicare!!! LOL


Hi waxwing, a Happy New Year to you and a big Happy Birthday. I had my 65th at the beginning of December, in my head I'm still in my 30/40's....I wish.
I might try again with the wisteria and make sure it has a lot of tender care and maybe even talk to the plant (like Prince Charles and he has a wonderful garden).
I managed to stay up and watch the fireworks go off at midnight in London - what a show.
I do seem to have a lot of puzzles still on my site, keep going waxwing, I hope you enjoy each one. Thank you for all your kind comments and we will see where 2013 takes us...Sue


Hi Sue! This is the way wisteria is supposed to look but never does unless you devote yourself to lots of care and constant pruning!! I wanted to tell you that I'm determined to solve every one of your puzzles - I've done hundreds and there are hundreds more to go, but I must catch up with you. Happy New Year - and today I'm 65 years old. I never thought I'd make it!


Hi Faye, thank you for your good wishes for 2013. Let's hope it will be a good one and as you say with plenty of laughs. Not too long before you're this side of the Atlantic, I hope we can meet up wouldn't that be something...Sue


Hi, Sue,
Just want to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and hope that 2013 is filled with family, friends, fun, and laughter. I'm looking forward to the possibility of actually meeting new friends come summer! Cheers. Faye :)))


I've got a Readers Digest on gardening and I'm going to look up how to grow Wisteria successfully and give it another go. Thanks...Sue

I have tried several times to grow wisteria with no luck. I'm glad to see someone has good luck with it.Beautiful.


Thank you BarbaraL, I'm glad my puzzle came up. I love wisteria and have tried to grow it but it never takes...Sue


Lovely picture, thought I would try the random puzzle, and this was it