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Sassafras in Illinois

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OK you guys, now I want to go make some sassafras tea. It's cold in here and it sounds good. I have some roots in my tea cupboard which I cleaned and dried a few yrs. ago. ( :


Sassafras tea is suppose to be very healthy. My Mom use to fix it using the roots when I was a kid. I didn't care for it then, but I probably would now. I think this is the first time I have ever seen the plant though. Well I've probably seen it but didn't know what it was! Thanks


What a cute story. My Dad taught me how to make a teensy cup and saucer from an acorn. Funny what you remember the most.


When I was really little, my grandpa taught me how to make a drinking cup out of a 3-fingered sassafras leaf. He said in case i ever get stuck out in the woods. It wasn't until later that I reallized...if I ever got stuck out in the woods, I would just cup my hands and drink, or put my face down to the water. I think he just thought that the leaf cup was cool.


I've heard that sassafras is the only plant that has three different leaf shapes on the same plant.

I wish I had some sassafras to chew on just now. . . .


Pretty, wish we had those up here!


So pretty, Laura! Brings back great memories of when my dad would make Sassafras tea from the roots. Thanks!


Pretty awesome colors..
thanks LJ


nice photo


You're welcome, CM!


I love sassafras leaves. Thanks lj.