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HUGE Cauliflower!

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165 pieces
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This behemoth was grown by my neighbor. It's organic and GMO-free. Who says you can't get high yields from natural methods?!!


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I'm glad you like this bleached brain, HorseGrammy!

I was looking for a unicode symbol that would work as a "thumbs up", since the emojis don't work in the jigidi comments. I didn't find a good thumbs-up, but I found something else that's pretty cool:

It doesn't show up very well in this font, but it looks more like the yin/yang, taoism symbol (on the South Korean flag). The super-cool thing about it is that it's the letter "Wi" from the Cherokee alphabet!

You can find a gigantic list of unicode characters (which I got from Bill_I_Am in some other puzzle) at:

A page with just the Cherokee alphabet can be found here:



Even though I felt I was doing a puzzle of a bleached brain, it was fun...and I ate some of it for dinner!
WoW! I'm the fastest person on the leaderboard!!!!


Hey, @HorseGrammy

Look what my neighbor grew!