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The cat is is not.


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That is so neat b/c you're bringing the outside inside is my thought. And the comforter is so neat with it's tiny flowers in front of the picket fence (ha!). Probably this kitty watched you make the bed ncsunshine, and they always "jump right up," when they see what we've been working! I'm sure it won't be long b4 your other kitty jumps right up, & I love it when they sleep side-by-side.

ncmountains: You're NOT so slow, I do the same thing, and hardly ever make the scoreboard, but we're having fun. Every person I ever trained in past jobs, I always told them I'd show them my way, and after they learned, they could do it their way as long as the end result was the same.

But hey! I too am open for any suggestions anyone! Thanks ncsunshine and ncmountains, & everyone else in between.


Thanks. Not sure why my other cat isn't up there too.


Hi NC Sunshine........this is so clever.......AND it is perfect because I believe no bed is finished until it has a nice fat warm kitty camped out on it!


my time 16:31, I'm so slow. I push all the middle pieces to the side then do the edges.
any helpful hints how I can speed up the process?


AWESOME!!! Love your bed spread. meow kitty.