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Grotto No. 9 fisherman's wharf

63 pieces
84 solves
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hi great sign xxxx cute one thx - i love puzzles with writing xx i live in south frica xx shew just saw the date you posted thisone - way way back but such fun to do


I grew up in or near SF. I was there in the 70's. I remember seeing the spot where this sign should have been. ----------- NO - JUST KIDDING but I do remember the Wharf when it wasn't nearly as busy and touristy as it is now. It was a frequent family destination when abalone was a wonderful and fairly inexpensive meal. Thanks for the puzzle and the memories.

we're walking around wharf after midnight...and i said something about wanting one of the enamel signs from the side of the of the guys went and pulled the sign off the building and have had it since then...(70s?)