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R.I.P Coco, 60 yrs - oldest member of OZ family

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Wow, beatlecarol - this is a very moving photo, along with your comments. Quite amazing, our animal friends. Cheers!


She was a wonderful mother and two of her daughters are still at OZ and they are older than normal, 38 and 39. Vegetators don't last 60 years. Coco was second oldest chimp in the U.S. she was a model for other zoos to learn about survival of infants and breeding of chimps. There are lots of animals living way past what they would in the wild because of excellent care at zoos. You can visit the website at for more on Coco and the baby elephant too.


That's a nice, ripe old age for a Chimp. I hope she (?) had a good quality of life over those 60 years, and didn't just vegetate in a cage.