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Paisley for Lois

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Paisley for Lois
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  1. Rick2:31
  2. troutmma3:13
  3. elemmo11113:13
  4. frodo48au3:14
  5. saya883:14
  6. Monkito3:19
  7. sue13:29
  8. lubika3:31
  9. Minibank3:35
  10. FanASL3:44


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Hey Annie - I completely understand your frustration. As you can see I am still using my old PowerPoint format as trying to figure out another method to post was too tough. Is this the "old dogs new tricks" theory at work with us! UGH! I am just pleased that you are able to play on jigida!! Maybe you can call the tech dept at Chrome and see if they can recover your favorites - although calling any tech line is never an easy way to solve a problem. Keep good thoughts and I will as well. And, thank you. Your notes are always a delight ... and relatable! Hugs, Peg

What lovely paisleys, Peg! Just the softness I longed for today. This week has been a technical terror. And it's only Wednesday. It all began Saturday when Safari (for the third time this year) devoured all of my bookmarks. I gather hundreds, perhaps more. Lost without my go-to "favorite" list for quick access to the important visits of the day. Fed up, I switched to Google Chrome (something I vowed never to do). I should have kept that vow! Chrome does not seem to care about sight-impaired users, so that was problem one. I hate Google search, so put Bing first on the favorites list. Each time I tried to use it, Google found a way to impede. I had already had to change several passwords before I gave up and went back to Safari. Sorry to pour all of this out to you, especially when I thank you so much for this great puzzle and ALL of those past and to come. -- Annie

Hi Liz and Sue - Thanks for liking this puzzle. Lois requested another paisley so I was happy to oblige. I'm certain she won't mind sharing. Enjoy the weekend. Best to you both! Peg


I am hoping that Lois does not mind sharing.



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