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A Little Angel

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Thank you laurajane !


It's nice to know she has a good home now.


Thank you Lorna. I'm always happy to read your comments ... and to solve your puzzles! I love the picture of your Christmas tree!


She is sweet Cathy, and I'm glad she found a happy ending to her Christmas story!


Thank you Ank and Suzy! I'm glad you enjoyed hearing her cinderella story.


She is a treasure, for sure! Enjoyed hearing of her adoption:)


Lovely Cathy and her story too. I'm glad you saved her.


Hi JC. Thank you for your note. Yes, I am like that too. My camera (and my computer) can do way more than I ask it to. We may not be learning quickly but we are learning !


Cathy, remember a long time ago when we were talking about taking a a picture of a picture and I was having difficulties with flashback. Well, I have had this camera for 5 years now and just discovered that I can turn off the flash when I want to! Oh my!
When I first got the camera, I scanned the manual but it was too much to take in then. Now, I have been 'playing with the different settings' and trying new things.
It's been taking a lot longer to teach this old dog new tricks! LOL!
It also helps when my Jigidi friends offer suggestions to me on taking pictures!


Thanks JC. It's amazing that she came so close to being thrown out and now people from around the world are looking at her picture and asking about her.


A great story, Cathy!


Hi Kate. Thank you for asking about her on the other puzzle. You motivated me to take this picture and post it. I'm glad you like her too! Cathy


Thanks Cathy for telling her delightful history. She looked special. Kate


... and her little story.

I found her at a church rummage sale. She was tangled up with two other ornaments and a garland. When I held up the tangled mess the lady working at that table was passing. She said they were going to start packing up so anything in that box was free. I added it to my bag of treasures and when I got home I slowly and carefully untangled the puzzle. The other ornaments were broken but this fragile little straw angel was fine! so I put her on top of my little tree and gave her a string of stars to hold ... and she has been there for the last 12 Christmases.