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Out of the Inferno!

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I don't agree - just sometimes!! This is a "go-into" thing!!


He sure created visions for a lot of people! I usually think of these creations more in terms of color and lines. I'm always surprised to find that so many people see so much more! Thank you so very much, Rosie!


I really see the Grinch in the middle top third with white creatures wafting out of his head and his shoulders come down on each side in the middle and he's wearing some kind of a ropey costume around his abdomen. The picture is only his top half so that's all he had to dress today. Wow! How'd ya do that????? Great puzzle---see, imagination!


I am so jealous! Chick flicks and chocolate......HEAVEN!!


Good grief, it's 23:32 here and now I'M thinking of pudding. Ooh, bad! I'm watching a George Clooney movie AND thinking of chocolate. There is a 100% probability that I may spontaneously combust. Step away from the chocolate..........


It's that time of day when food seems like a great idea - 3pm! And, I love the suggestion! Thanks, PJ!


Oh Hester - Now I crave dessert too ............ :-)))

Jan - what a creative puzzle :-))) And I agree with moving in a positive direction...


See! I knew you were secretly thinking of food! LOL, Hester. Thanks for making me smile - - again!


Ok, if you INSIST... Chocolate swirls through a creme caramel with a tiny vanilla foam! LOL


Hester - I confess that I see E.T. ! What, no food references? LOL

Hanne - you and Bent are the "go-into" people and you do it so very well! I am more of a "drive-by" sort!

PJ - Dante - so did I. And, you've always gotta live your life and move in a positive direction, I think!


Goodness Jan - a very exciting puzzle - I don't see familiar figures but I do think of Dante :-)))
I'm glad you made the title in a positive direction ...


It's something organic evolving into other forms, very creative, might end up with - yes, what?? Thanks so very much Jan - this is a picture to "go into"!!


Well, I can't beat a duck billed platypus so I'm not even going to try! LOLOL

Actually...I see the Grinch's face with orange pompoms on his ears! And I haven't been on the sloe gin, honest!!! :-))


The duck-billed platypus? Oh MY! LOL, Ardy!!


I can see more of the stained glass window. I do see a couple of eight-legged creatures (which shall remain nameless ) near the top. If I stare at this long enough I see more creatures including a duck billed platypus in the middle near the top. Thanks, Jan. Lots of scope for the imagination here.


JC - I thought a bit on the same line.....thank you!

John - That's interesting. Now I can see that, too. Thanks!


Like a stained glass window thanks jb:-))


It kind of looks like a magma chamber and fissures up to the surface with a volcano.