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Sunday's Flowers

49 pieces
145 solves
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Aimee- but, but, but.....
Super Easy to Create 361 pieces- 671 solves
A lot more time to create this 361 piece puzzle- 170 solves
The difference in number of solves- 501 people liked the easy_to_create puzzle more.

I LOVE the fact that Jigidi doesn't delete puzzles anymore. That's the single best thing that Magnus and Stefan have done. :-)

Ohhh, I admire you for what you do. Your poor friend though. I'm frustrated with my own problems but when I hear something like what happened to your friend, I feel somewhat silly for complaining.

I can understand you wanting to take full advantage of the time left with your friend. I had a similar experience with a friend, but STILL kick myself for not spending even more time with her before she died.


Wendy, Wendy, Wendy........ analysis, shamalisis..... don't you know this kind of puzzle deserves to be at least 150 pieces? Like the other 131 people who solved it, I really like it. Aren't we enough for you? LOL

I'm not going to ask you to make this one bigger because I still haven't gotten to the last one you made bigger for me. Luckily jigidi doesn't delete older puzzles anymore so I know it's a savory morsel waiting for me to get the chance to solve it. Which could be awhile as I was called to help an elderly person get back in shape (he's close to going to the nursing home..... falling allot) I've got him on an exercise program and trying to get the swelling down in his legs, etc. It's 10 hours a day Monday through Friday there and I also have a good friend with terminal cancer I'm trying to help after her brain surgery which left her like a stroke victim (she had a partial lung removal a month prior to the brain surgery). She is so frustrated because her brain is working but she can't get the words out that she want's to say.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that you made the other puzzle larger for me and that I really am looking forward to doing it still, it's just that I have limited time left with my friend that I want to take full advantage of what time she does have.


Thank you Barb, Ardy, PJ, Katie, whatnauts and Mary. I wish you guys didn't like these so much. I just did an analysis of the number of solves on my different size puzzles and different themes, and my small flowers ones do the worst of all. It means that these really aren't popular and besides that, they take more time by far than any others I create. However, because you're all so nice, I continue to make them. Plus, admittedly, I enjoy making them. :-)


Oh, the top right one is so pretty! Doing the Top Right But I Can't Have It Flower Dance! LOL Thanks, Wendy!


This is one of your best gardens so far. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


Oh Wendy, this is a wonderful garden! It makes me think of wildflowers with the glorious mix of colors and designs. Thanks so much!


Wendy - I love this one. The composition is great fun, the colors are are glorious, it made me smile back to the happy flowers. Now I sit here with a big grin on my face.


Wendy, these are so beautiful. Love the light blue one near the middle and the pink and green one beside it. Thanks. They keep getting prettier.


Some lovely flowers here, Wendy, or as I now like to think of them, some lovely potential parasol designs. :-)