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A Star is Born!

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Thank you so much, Katie. This title is perfect for the puzzle!


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Dagmar - that is a WONDERFUL thing to picture.


This one is interesting, its very different from the others but the title is very good but to me this looks like a flower bud breaking open revealing colourful interior of the blossom. :))


That's very interesting! I'll have to keep a record of my earworms--I know that the last few have definitely been ones where I was like a stuck record, replaying the same few lines over and over! :-DDD


Well, I must be the exception that makes the rule, because it is almost always songs I know very well! How funny is THAT!! :-D


It's funny, but the NYTimes, in its Tuesday science section yesterday, had a quick discussion of earworms! They said that it isn't true that annoying songs get more easily stuck, but that it's usually songs that you only know part of the lyrics to, and so you keep going back to the part you know, as if your mind thinks that it will eventually be able to finish... I know that's usually true for me--it's always the same line or two, or just the chorus, and that's all I know, so it just repeats and repeats... :-)))


Pat - thank you so much! I really do like the geode concept. I love geodes. Thank you for that visual image! It beats an earworm any day!


This is just so beautiful! The star is being born from a delicate pinky-peach geode--wonderful! :-)))


Thank you all so much! (Kittenlove, Hanne, JC, Katie, Ank and PJ). This was a very fun one to make and I am glad you all enjoyed it, too!


Gosh - I love this design, Jan. Yes, a perfect title.


A beauty with a perfect title. Thanks.


Jan, glad I could help on this one! I always look at your caption puzzles and laugh my head off, but am rarely able to think up something myself. JC and Pat D are always hilarious!


Jan, it's a good thing you didn't pick my title! LOL!
Actually, that is the perfect title!


And what a lovely star!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

Love your star and the delicate pink design....very unusal and beautiful...thank you dear.


Edie - that is a great description, too! Rings around a star! Love it! thanks so much!!


Thanks so much, pinknblack! I'm glad you like this one! :)


Love the colours and the lacy edges.


Thanks so much SandiT!

JC - Some of your titles are great! This one, just wasn't what I was going for! ROFL!!! Thanks anyway! LOL

Ardy - Thank for your comments and your enjoyment! I'm glad you had fun!

Katie - I LOVE your title. Thank you for the other sweet description, too. :D


Rings around a star. Very nice, thanks Jan.


A star is born! That's what my first thought was on seeing this lovely, delicate design. Thanks Jan!


Jan, When I opened this I saw a spider web with an amazing center. I love it. Thanks.


I am probably no help, Jan. I see an alien brain sucker.
Nice puzzle, though!


Pretty peachy star! Thanks.