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Happy Autumn !

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Dear Friends,
I will be away from my computer for a while. I will visit some old friends, meet some new friends, see some sights and ... take some pictures!!! I will think of you all often!! My friends will let me use their computers so I can check my email but I really don't think I'll have much jigidi time. You have become real friends and I will miss chatting with you. When I get back I'll look at all the pictures you posted. I don't guarantee that I'll solve all the puzzles or leave comments on each one ... but I'll definitely do some! : )
... and I'll show you some of my holiday pictures!!

Kukaa na upendo!
Stay with love!
(Swahili parting wish)


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Thank you Ank!! I am very happy to be back on jigidi. I really missed this wonderful community!!

Thank you Oddio. I think you are right and that was dew. But in Vancouver the safer guess is always RAIN !! : )))


Nice puzzles, Cathy. Thanks.

This autumn photo... Dewy like it? Yes, we do!


Wow, great to see you again. This is a good start of my day. Hugs dear.


Thank you Faye! It's good to be home! I was there a few days before I left on my trip. The seaburger was great! I haven't tried the pumpkin-mince pie. I hope it's still on the menu. : )

Thank you Lorna! It's great to be back on jigidi!! : )


Good to see you back Cathy!


Welcome home!

(P.S. We had pumpkin-mince pie at the Tomahawk last week!)


Thanks Jim and Laura!! I don't travel often. My last flight was seven years ago!! So, yes, I think I will stay put for a while. Hummm? Then again ... there are a few more places on my list! : )))))


Are you back now? Staying put for a while??


Cathy, you sure know how to take a vacation!!!!!! LOL!


Thank you Agnes!! I am happy to be back with my jigidi friends! : )


Hi Kathy, I'm glad you're back with us - playful puzzle solvers.......... :)


Thank you for your notes and good thoughts dear jigidi friends!!

Yes, I'm back at last!!! I had a wonderful holiday but it's great to be home!

I thought of you all a LOT !!! I hope everyone is well and happy! I am looking forward to looking at all your picture-puzzles and solving some. And by reading the comments I will catch up on all the news!

When I settle in I will gradually sort thrugh my gazillion pictures and choose some for jigidi. : ))))

Hugs! Cathy


Welcome home dear, I know you had fun, but we missed you. Hugs.


Miss you, Cathy!


I miss you but glad you are having a nice holiday with friends.See you soon!


I am really looking forward to your return. I have so much to tell you! Susan and I met chickiemama, Laurajane, Morris, and Lyndee and her husband, John!
I just know you are having a great time! Talk to you soon!


Hello Kathy, that's a really long trip. I hope to return with lots of new experiences ...


I miss you so much, Cathy! It's great hearing from you and through Suzy! Keep on having a great time! We will catch up when you get back!


So happy to know you are having a good time! Looking forward to your return and new puzzles!


Thank you Florrie, Laurajane, Aggie, Dave, TenStar, Suzy, Agnes and all my dear Jigidi friends!
Thank you for your notes. Yes, I am having a wonderful time. I am taking lots of pictures and I think of you all OFTEN !!!! Seeing the sights is fun but spending time with dear old friends and dear new friends is even better!

Dave, I was in Brockville, Ontario the other day and we went into a second hand bookstore. I bought Illusions by Richard Bach and I thought of you! I also bought Cider with Rosie and I thought of Lorna!

Suzy, I was delighted that we were able to meet on Wednesday. You are so nice on jigidi and you are even nicer in person!!!!!!! Hug!

It is difficult to post pictures now or even to find time to chat on jigidi. But when I get back to Vancouver I will share some of my holiday pictures. I miss you all ... a lot! Hugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful color, Kathy. Have a nice travel.... :)


Happy travels, Cathy! See you soon! :)


* All stars be with you Cathy (cevas) *

@aggie :-) & friends please enjoy ~ Vivre


I miss you already, Cathy!!


Have a good time, Cathy. Stay safe and well! These leaves are gorgeous.


Thank you Niccolino. I'm glad you like this one!! Thank you for your good wishes!! : )

Hi Rob. Thank you for your kind comment and wishes!! : )

I'll miss you too Dave! Asante rafiki! (Thank you friend!) : )

Thank you Jacques! : )


nice one Cathy


What a beautiful Autumn Color. I'll miss you! Enjoy yourself!! Kukaa na upendo!!


I hope you have a nice holiday Cathy - and I'll be on the look-out for your photos!!
Lovely autumn leaves - I love the colour & texture!!! Thanks.


Wow! A profusion of colour! Love the way the dew sparkles on the leaves. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Thanks for the wonderful Swahili wish - my best friend is Kenyan so I will try it out on her to see if my pronunciation is correct! Congrats on your ten too!


Thank you dear Ank!! You are very kind! I will send you an email note soon!! Hug!!!

Thank you Vivre! I'm happy that you visited my puzzle page. Thank you for your good wishes. : )


Hello Cathy ~ have a wonderful time and some lighhearted adventures :-)) ... greets Vivre


Wow Cathy, don't go too long. Without you there is less fun.:-)))) I hope you have a real beautiful vacation with lots of fun and nice weather. Do you have any idea how long we have to miss you. Ilike to count the days:-)))) Hugs my dear, see you.


Thank you Lyndee!! You will all continue to have a wonderful time here on jigidi (and collecting the pictures to post here!!) I'll join in the fun when I return ... and now and then while I'm away ... if I can. Hug!


Oh Cevas....gonna miss you while you are away. How am I gonna keep everyone in line on our hike without you??????? LOL These orange leaves are beautiful and make a lovely puzzle. Have tons of fun and we will still be here when you get back.


Thank you Floyd!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! Thanks also for your good wishes! : )


Thank you Cathy for sharing this nice picture/puzzle. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that you have a great and safe holiday.


Thank you Beekay! And Happy Thanksgiving to you too ... and to all my jigidi friends! : )

Hi Sissel. Thank you for your comment and your good wishes!!!

Thank you very much Lorna. I got your email letter and the cute card! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Jim! I'm glad you like the picture. And thank you for the good wishes! : )

Thank you Brian. I liked the colours too! Thanks for your good wishes. : )

Thank you very much Chickie. I will miss you all a lot!! I may even have jigidi withdrawal symptoms!! My friends will wonder why I keep buying jigsaw puzzles!?!? : ))))


The color is beautiful and I like the drops. Have a fun time with our friends Cathy and we will miss you.


Gorgeous colours. Enjoy your holiday, have a great time :-))))


An awesome photo!
Enjoy your trip, Cathy! We will be looking forward to seeing your holiday photos when you return!


Lovely autumn puzzle Cathy. Have a wonderful time, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanks Cevas - hope you have some wonderful days - looking forward for photos :-)


Have a fun time. And Happy Thanksgiving. :-))


Thank you very much Chookies. I'll be around tomorrow but then I'm off !! Thank you for the good advice! : )))


Thank you Faye! : )))
I now have TWO batteries. I learned my lesson.


Have a wonderful holiday, Cathy, and we'll hear from you when you return. Enjoy yourself, have fun and laugh often. Take care.


Have fun, Cathy! :)))

P.S. Charge your batteries. LOL