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Theme: Green Living - Bottle caps and other plastic visible inside decomposed carcass of Laysan Albatross on Kure Atoll in remot

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Respect? Eyespies, respect? I think it is lost, though there are a few remnants left here and there. Sorry you find your beaches littered also.


Thanks for this sobering shot. Even in UK the beaches are sometimes littered with plastic and broken glass. What happened to respect?


Thanks, Jan! I hope everyone on Jigidi looks at it.


Oh My Gosh - That picture is worth a 1000 words! Thanks VM!!


Thanks, Pumpkin! Unfortunately millions of people have bought the myth that the water in a bottle in a store is better than the water coming out of their faucet. For the vast majority of people that is not true. As usual, greed rules and the gullible support it. Even if folks choose to waste their money it would be good if they would recycle the bottles. Thanks for your clean up efforts!


When walking along the beach, the amount of plastic that litters the coastline is amazing-especially water bottles. We picked up a bag of garbage almost every day we were on the beach. The plus was, there was usually at least one other "beach walker" picking up garbage as well.