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Game Board Numbers! (medium)

81 pieces
83 solves
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We just helped our daughter select a new computer. It is such an awful thing to do without one when it has become such an integral part of your life. I am so sorry to hear you are having those problems. Good luck on the resurrection!!!


What a clever idea Jan!! It's kinda like you combined our love of sudoku and kaleidos all in the one puzzle. You clever person you.

I'm having a moment of trying to catch up on puzzles from the last few days. My computer died on Saturday evening, and I've been using Duncan's for posting. But I haven't been able to create (except for a quicke for today's theme puzzle), and I haven't been able to solve either, except for an hour after posting. Other than that, I haven't been able to appropriate his computer. Drats. Our computer guy is gonna pick mine up today, and I hope he can breathe life back into it, and quicksmart too! Hopefully I'll get to another one or two of yours in the this little solve moment, 'cos I have to give Duncan back his computer in 30 minutes. So I must away!!


Mariasha - you've probably had it for some time now! LOL

Hanne - One of these days I must tell you about something I just discovered. My father has been to Bornholm!!!

Ardy - You seem to be getting better and better at the computer every day! Thanks so much!


Jan, This was fun. I really like the bottom right even though I don't see any numbers. Thanks, Jan I'm later getting to your puzzle because computer cousin, Troy, came over to fix a couple of things I accidentally messed up when a finger touched something it shouldn't. I don't know how some of these weird things happen. Occasionally it would be handy to know what I did so I could do it when I want or need to.


Ohhh, so very interesting, spectacular and funny! Thanks so very much Jan, thanks so much for you sweet thoughts about spring being here, no, 24 degrees today and snow. We haven't got much but they say that there are road problems in other areas of the island!! So spring i postponed to another beautiful day!!

I've got your number now!


Yes, Barb - Too few color differentials and lots of numbers! Whoa! What was I thinking!!?? So glad you persevered! :D


Goodness, that was a challenge, Jan, but lots of fun. Thanks for a delightful puzzle. :-)