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N.O. Mardi Gras - And all that (Dixieland) Jazz!

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Thanks Pat! Tex I sure wish you could be here and Shirley too. I guess the Jazz Festival later on is the best time to hear our music. Sally dear, I love that song, I didn't think a young chick like you would know it. That little boy on youtube is absolutely adorable. He could sure do a good job on Jambalaya! New Orleans is a bit more sophisticated than the bayou, but we all love our Jazz!


My all time favorite song....

Never been to New Orleans, but I can see it in my heart through this song....

Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and fillet gumbo
Cause tonight, I'm gonna see my ma cher a mi-o
Pick guitar, fill fruit far and be gay-o
Son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou
Hunter Hayes 4 years old...



Love Jazz music, would love to hear them play. Thanks Mimi.


I love it too and would love to be there. Thanks, Mimi!


Love it thanks Mimi


Thanks AngelBender, we do have a lot of good stuff! And the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday. The town's rocking!

Now Laura, that's no fun. Please come back and give us another chance!

You're very welcome Gnt. thanks for the comment!

I love Dixieland. So glad you have it too Hanne!

Ank my dear, we'll not really get in the midst of it as we used to. Really too much strain and walking etc for Luke's 90 years, and some too much for me too. Now we eat chili dogs, corn on the cob, King cake etc, and watch the parades on TV. And we have a great time that way! There's always lots of music and funny things to see.


I know someone who will have a lot of fun. Maybe you even have sometime to make some nice photos. But the most important is to make fun.


Ohhh wonderful, Mimi. We have a jazz festival here every summer with lots and lots of Dixieland jazz!! Thanks so very much!!


thanks for the great pic


I was down there in the fall, but under much different circumstances...Hurricane Isaac.

Love Naw'lins. Muffalottas, red beans and rice, jambalya, crawfish etouffe', raw oysters, friendly people and all that JAZZZZZZZZZZ!
Thanks Mimi for bringing back good memories. ((((hugs))))