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Rollin,' Rollin,' Rollin!' RAWHIDE! (small)

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Hester suggested I add the word Rawhide. I loved it! Sorry Pat....


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Francine go to the link for response.


Roerick3 - Some of the old memories are the very best! This song makes me think of excitement and anticipation! I am so glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Thank you.


Love this puzzle too. Had to wiki who originally sang the song and found it was Frankie Lane. I can still see him singing that song as a guest on the Kate Smith show when I was eight or so. What an old memory.


Thanks so much, Jan!


cute litle swirlies


Barb - I confess I agree completely about the trail boss!

Ardy - Do NOT wear yourself out on my puzzles. There are way too many others to enjoy! But, thank you!!

Gail - AKA "Birthday Girl!" - Thank you so much. It does have a tendency to get hypnotic, doesn't it? Thanks so much! And, Happy Birthday, again!!

Katie - You'd best stop singing now, or it will go on all night long! YIKES! However, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Ank - yes, they do, don't they! Thank YOU! :D


Turning and turning. Thanks


Good grief! I have 3 songs vying for attention in my head!!! But I really love this puzzle Jan. Bright colors are just the thing for winter days. I like the shadow framing too. Thanks!


Jeez, I solved this puzzle and it didn't register. It was wonderful. Thanks. The wheels on the kaleido go round and round, round and round....


It was a "favor" I was delighted to pay forward, Barb! LOL!


Jan, I love these. This is one of the few puzzles where I have 9 favorites. Just gorgeous. I want to come back later and do another one of these. Thank you, Jan. I never watched Rawhide but remember the theme song as it's been used in medleys of songs of the west. This has been great fun this morning.


Yes, Clint played Rowdy Yates but it was the trail boss who I always liked, Gil Favor.
Now I'll also be humming Proud Mary, thanks to Pat. LOL


Pat, the devil made me do it! - - AGAIN! Thank you for still visiting, in spite of me! LOL


You are so right, PJ! I just wiki'd him and he weighed 11 1/2 pounds at birth and the nurses called him "Samson!" He also disliked his Rowdy Yates role because he thought Rowdy acted too young! Clint is a character!
Glad you liked the puzzle.


Well, now I have TWO songs as ear worms--I thought this was from Proud Mary! Double thanks, Jan--NOT!!!!! LOL!


Jan - such a neat and fun puzzle, complete with a humming melody.....

Clint Eastwood's character was Rowdy Yates


You're right, Barb, that was his first big role! Do you remember his character's name?


Yes, I forgot to mention on the other puzzle how I'll be thinking of the show as well as the song. Hard to believe that's where Clint Eastwood started out. :-))


Hester - I LOVE that! I may change the title! Thanks so very much! :D))


Wonderfully colourful cartwheels, Jan! That center one really seems to be spinning! And now I'll be going round hollering "Rawhide" all afternoon! Gee thanks! :-))