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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 98

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I was feeling better today as I took stock of this poster for a concert December 21 - 23, 1967. Back at the Fillmore? Finally. Colorful? Yes. Band I like? Sorta. Artist I follow? Well, it's Stanley Mouse again, but he had help from Alton Kelley, and he did some cool stuff. "So what's the problem?" you ask. They made the poster smaller. Not much cause for celebration of a design I somewhat like when the design size is reduced. The posters are almost always 14" x 21" - this one is roughly 11" x 21". Three inches smaller. "Yeah, what's three inches?" you ask. Okay, let's say you're meeting someone for the first time and get dressed quickly in your new suit. Feeling good, you walk down the street to the appointed place and see your reflection in a window... your new pants are too short... three inches too short. You look like you borrowed your short uncle's clothes before you took off for the big city. Yes, you agree, your ankles are not your best feature.

Maybe you're on a crowded elevator and a group of tall people stands around you. You try to maneuver so you can breathe, but you just keep getting jostled in your private parts. "If they would just stand three inches away from me", you whisper. Uh-huh... just three inches.

Picture yourself on a crowded airplane - in the middle seat, economy class. Wouldn't three extra inches of arm room feel better? "Yes", you answer, "yes, it would!" You see my point, I believe. You also talk a lot. Try to watch that, okay?

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This is one humongous piece of machinery and the men with guns are quite dwarfed by it. I see Grumpy and Doc there but the others are probably hiding inside. What the heck is it?

3 inches smaller eh, maybe if you wear your highest dress heels, it'll make up the difference. I personally would make a newspaper border and tastefully tape it around the poster.

As usual I enjoyed doing the poster, even though I don't know what any of us are talking about ! (❀ᴗ❀)


@rswestley - Really, John? You're going there? Okay, I will see your Upsidaisium mine and raise you one Way Back Machine... maybe a bespectacled dog can take your long frame back to a time when you were more 'liftable'.

Hollywood has lied to us for ages... short people look big, old people look young, animals can't talk, and when somebody dies in a movie, they're not really dead!! We've had short, botoxed, voice-throwing zombies held up as examples of lives well lived and I say ENOUGH! You know the truth, John... continue to preach!

I, too, was puzzled by the whatever in the picture... "Whatever is that?" I asked. No one answered. Then I remembered I live alone. It makes me think of a moonshine still, or one of those machines that empty septic tanks. I see a surprising number of those on the highway... what gives? At least it's curbed my tendency to tailgate.


I always liked "Expecting To Fly", but I am still waiting. Maybe I should start all over again... start with crawling and when I crawl fast enough the movement of air across my wings will create an upward force on my wings that is greater than the force of gravity pulling the me towards the earth. Most large jets leave the ground at about 160 miles per hour, but considering my stubbly little wings and my aerodynamic body (I prefer to be called 'pleasingly toad like'), I would guess I would need about twice that to become airborne. Obviously I will need to reopen my Upsidaisium mine. But enough of my aerofrustrations…

Three inches? Three inches could be the difference between sitting in the theatre eating buttered popcorn with a large soda and being a "big" star! Big is good when starring in B movies... (put your imagination back in your pants, I'm talking about ACTing) But the 'A-lister's' include Seth Green at 5'4", Michael J. Fox is 5’4”, Daniel Radcliffe is 5'5", Elijah Wood is a mere 5'6" and that big hunk of a "Mission Impossible" man, Tom Cruise is only 5'7". So yeah... if you want to have your name in lights and the paparazzi snapping pictures of you picking your nose, loose three inches (at 6'3" I can't even get a job working the drive-thru window at McDonald's)

What is that big yellow thing in the middle of this poster? A water pump off of a '67 Subaru Imprezza? or a turn of the century Cuisinart Food Processor? What does a food processor have to do with the Buffalo Springfield? You should use a crock pot for buffalo, not a food processor.

Another fun day mpp, thank you.... but no, I don't see your point. Remember, at my age I have a hard time finding my butt with both hands...


Returner - I agree completely… it's growing on me, didn't like it to start with. And I'll be honest - I tried to pick some musical duds (and did a good job) because I wasn't behind this one.


Well, it's growing on me but I sure didn't like it to start with. What an interesting collection of posters this series offers.