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Stanley Park from West Vancouver

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We will be waiting for more pictures of Stanley Park in the future, cevas, and thanks!


Hi katzmum! I'm glad you have Vancouver on your list. A journey of a thousand miles begins with ... a list !
Hi jcarroll. Thanks for your note. I have visited Stanley Park many times. I've walked around the seawall (11 km), cycled it, enjoyed picnics, the zoo, the aquarium, the rose garden, the totems, plays by Theatre under the Stars at Malkin Bowl, lunch at the Teahouse Restaurant. But, no I have not explored it all. I haven't been over there since I bought this camera. But when I do I'll need a whole month of jigidi puzzles to do it justice.


Vancouver is on my list of places I must visit, thank you!


Just read this: Stanley Park, this 1000 acre park has it all: a seawall walkway, towering totem poles, nature trails, a minature railway and horse and carriage rides.
Have you done it all, cevas?


Oh! Thank you, Ank. What a nice surprise! You are so good at putting pictures together. I still can't do it.

Do you mean like this?


Thanks Cevas. How neat!


If you put this picture right beside (right) the one of the Lions Gate Bridge you get the whole view!