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You're welcome Pat (and Denise). The good thing about resizing is that you don't change the aspect ratio (I think that's what it's called). Sometime you can see when an image has been stretched 'cos it looks a bit like a jumper put through the spin drier! And I've come to understand that most image editor programs have a resize image option, so if there's something else you're using too, you may well find that functionality there too.

And I'm a bit like you. In my endless search for new programs that are free, operate in a browser window so you don't have to download them and have the features I'm looking for, I've rejected heaps on the basis that I find them too hard to understand. Now I just use 4, and really love them. Have fun!!


Thanks so much, Kirsten! And special thanks for understanding my inability/timidity/reluctance/horror--whatever!--of working with new programs beyond my limited comprehension! I'll definitely try that. What I have been doing is copying the LunaPic, then pasting it on a blank canvas in Paint, then stretching it. It woks the majority of times, but not always. It's good to know there's a much simpler, less hit-or-miss way to do it--provided I can figure that out even on LunaPic (I did try it once or twice, but I didn't do it right, or know what I was aiming for...). And I can't really speak for Denise, but she's been very patiently trying to get me to understand what image sizes work best for the largest number of pieces, without much success at getting it into my thick skull, so I think she'll be relieved that you've taken up the burden! LOL!


Hi Pat, I just thought I would mention that you can resize your images in lunapic. It's in the Edit menu, and then select resize image. Stefan's advice to me was that for square images to take them up to 1200x1200 to get 400 pieces. He also said that 1600x1200 or larger would take them to the maximum size. I just trialled that with one of my singles (which are smaller than my collages), and it let me take the image up to 400 pieces!! And on my quick trial just then, there was no discernible loss of quality.

I know you don't like using other software packages, so this way you can do it in lunapic, which you're already familiar with. I hope that helps. :)))

I hope you don't mind me using your puzzle to let Pat know, Denise. :)))


As soon as I saw the title, I knew what had happened! I couldn't believe it when the first puzzle I tried to post with the New Jigidi ended up titled " New Concentric Plus Triangles Colored 1a Cropped"! (I don't have a filing system, really, as you can see--I just add words to the original description as I add things to the image.) The old Jigidi system prompted you one step at a time, with the size, filter/non-filter, the title, the category, and it didn't let you proceed to the next step until you filled in the prior one. Here, you can pick a size, then everything else is on the table at once!

I haven't had Kirsten's problems with being the first to comment, or the problems of others who kept having a blue box block things. But I did have her problem with the sizes. I thought the New Jigidi would be great for my LunaPic images, which never jig as large as I'd like, but all of them end up smaller in the new system! My Paint puzzles, however, do jig larger, and, since those are the ones I generally use for the 3 sizes, that's not a bad trade-off with the loonies, which I don't use for large ones as much.

I just find the area around the individual puzzles, after you click on the thumbnail to get to them, to be insufferably busy, especially when looking at my own. So much noise, and extra info... I just find it cacophonous! And, as screenporchgirl pointed out, you can't filter for size anymore when you're in your favorites. And the set-up is inconsistent. In your own puzzles, you have to click on Information to get all of that to disappear, but in the scroll area, you have to click on Puzzles to get things to show up!

Okay, enough! Let's get to the important point--I love this puzzle!!!!!!


LOL Denise. And call me Kirsten. I don't know if you remember, but we live in the same city! There are a few of us having teething problems with the new Jigidi. Me too. My puzzles won't post to any larger than 256 pieces in the new, but the same file in the old will post to 400! What the? And the comments thing is weird.too. If you're the first to try to leave a comment in the new, it won't open a comments box. The blue panel stays in the way. Grrrr. But in good news, one of the things you can do is change a puzzle name after it's posted, without having to pull it down! So if you wanted, you could actually change this puzzle name. I wouldn't bother now, but if it happens again in the future, you can!! And you should consider writing to Magnus and Stefan to let them know about what's not working for you. I have, and I'm sure they will sort out the major bugs soon. One last thing, if you decide to rename these puzzles, can you call them "Yellow, Green, Blue, Umber and Norange". LOL


Hi Random
LOL - it is just my numbering system for my creations in my own files. I used the New Jigidi for the first time with this puzzle to try it out and didn't realise that now it automatically comes up with the name you have it filed as and you have to change it's title for displaying in jigidi. I wrongly put the title under "description" and this does not work.
I though I liked the new jigidi but now I'm finding more and more I don't like . Pat (pdevredis) absolutely loathes it and she posts everyday. There certainly are some improvements but lots of annoyances too. I am coming around to her way of thinking.
Sorry to have caused you such angst - but loved your
creative approach to it!!!


I have to ask Denise. What does the title mean? Yellow, Green, Blue, Umber and Norange? Nurple? Nink? LOL


That was colorful, creative and lots of fun! Thanks so much!