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The 4 puppies

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See also the last 2 days of my puzzles for more information about this puppies.
My friends in Heerenveen have a litter of puppies. I can show you these pictures. Three females and one male were born on February 1, 2013.


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Yes indeed, but all animals have. My neighbour has one, and she cuts the hair short. Then they look lovely too and it is much more easy to handle.


Oh they were such sweet little cuties! I looked at the link too - oh my! A lot of grooming is obviously needed when they are fully grown!


I'm glad you like them Cathy.


What sweet little ones!! Thank you Ank.


I don't know Monica, they are all cute.


So very adorable, every single one of them! Do you know which ones are the girls and which one is the boy? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we end up with one of the girls! Great pic of them Ank, thanks!...Monica


Hi friends, they are lovely. I don't think so Mimi, she already has 4 dogs. Brownt, but they grow up.


Awww! look at those little paws!!! so adorable!!


They really are adorable Ank! Will your friend keep any of them?

they are so cute i wish i had a puppy just like them because they are so cute.


So sweet. I just can agree with all your comments. I love them too. I just saw I have a mail from my friend with new photos. I didn't have time to look, I'm sure it will be cute again.
Jana I understand, that was my job tootoday, I did shovel for hours. Everything is clean again.


Four little cuties thanks Sis...


DOOOO agreeeee, Sandy!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Another big Awwww.


Pink paws and pink noses, I really like it, thank you Ank. Today I'm late, again challenged the
10 cm of snow, I had to clean sidewalks and daughter arrived for lunch, so I spent the morning cooking. The puzzle was not time.


So cute, Ank. Thanks for sharing.


I also love their pink noses. Just sooooo cute:-))


I just love their little pink noses and toes!


I'm sure they will, they have a chocolate color.


These will be beautiful when grown, nice markings and colors.