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Also On My Walk

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Hi mpilnadyful ! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I like you I appreciate them from afar.


Funny cartoon!! Bears are incredibly clever at getting at food. We lived not too far from Yellowstone and, of course, people all told their very worst bear stories. I respect them but only want to appreciate them from afar. Thanks for the puzzle.


Thanks for the comment, jcarroll.

I saw a cute cartoon picture of a bear smiling and standing next to a sign that read, " ..... feed the bears!" He had bitten off the part that said," Don't ".


Cevas, could the bears have removed the sign?
Now, BEARS are scary. I think I'll stick with snakes!


Thanks, texasstar. Yes, I will. I was up that way again on Friday and the sign had been removed.


Scary, still! I know I don't need to tell you to be careful.


Thank you for your comments,flynfree and ctf320.
Yes, we always hope they can be caught and returned to their natural habitat.


We have a young black bear wandering the northern part of Ohio. Many have seen it but it has eluded capture so far.

Thanks for your explanation! I know when the wildlife is hungry and thirsty, they do come down the mountain. I like the last part about "be a part of the solution." It makes it sound like there won't always be a tragic ending for anyone.


Hi flynfree! No actually, I didn't. I was walking in the afternoon and there was quite a bit of traffic on the street. I think most sightings are in the quiet early mornings. But thank you for worrying!


The city of North Vancouver is on the lower slopes of Grouse Mountain. If you go up above the Upper Levels Highway you are in the district of North Vancouver. That is where I was walking. I was on a suburban street not on a hiking trail.

Oh my! I hope you made a lot of noise when you walked!