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Busy Blocks Become A Board Game (Smaller)

42 pieces
83 solves
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No school teachers were responsible for your fall from the board, Pat. Let me clarify..No school teachers I know were responsible for your fall from the board. I can't speak for the unnamed person who was actually responsible. It's entirely possible that he or she is a school teacher, but I can testify that neither I nor SchoolTeacher were responsible. : )


Well thank you, Katie, Ardy, Lela, and Kathy! As far as the rest of you go, let me quote my fellow previously-hanging-on-but-now-adrift-in-the-abyss victim, and say HMPHH! And then let me quote myself: Sigh.......... As we used to say when I was a kid, with friends like this, who needs enemies?....... :)))))


Isn't it though Lela. You can always count on one of us to help you out, or off, or whatever......


When I got here, Pat had already slipped off the board and poor Lela was hanging on for dear life, his little fingers clinging tightly to the edge. When I finished the jig, he was gone and I was delighted to see that Aishah and I tied. LOL! : )


Whew - I didn't knock either of you off the board!


So nice to have true friends..............


Must be an early version of Trivial Pursuit. I used to love that game and true to my word I have not pushed, shoved or even gently nudged Lela from any boards. I even waited to solve a puzzle where he was teetering till someone else came along and delivered the coup de grĂ¢ce.


I must say that I always play nice, scout's honor. In my defense, and I have said this before, I merely try to nudge Lela gently over the ledge. Hanging for any length of time might give him a cramp or strain the muscles in his poor little arms. So gently nudging him over the edge is really a courtesy. It's my kind, thoughtful way of being a good Samaritan to a friend in need. However, I am happy to say that Lela was not in need of my assistance today. So for now, he is still safely on the board (and you too, Pat). But should he need assistance later on, I am sure Edie or that little old school teacher would be more than happy to come to his rescue. : )


I discovered you can't go completely around the outer edge without falling off the board. Somehow you have to work your way into the center to cross to the other side. Thanks, Pat.


It took me a while to work my way around this game board Pat! Thanks for the fun! :>)


Well, when they do come, if they try to knock you down, they'll take me as well, so they'd better play nice........


Yes!......Even before THOSE two ladies have arrived!........


They were missing BEFORE you came through, Lela? Amazing..............


Enjoyed this board idea what i was doing though!..............
(and the dice were missing).......