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Old Barn

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looks haunted


Once was a big barn, now falling into disrepair. The tree wood is holding the roofing down on the leanto. There is a security light on the barn and the gates are up to date. The tin roof is protecting what is left of the barn. Looks like a well traveled road in front.


Makes sense to me, pg!


You did not offend me morris.

Thank you Maryrob.

I'm glad you solved that problem for us young man.


I guess the secret is out now. That is where you store and age your firewood so the termites can't get to it. Dang city slickers what do they know.


I hope that i did not offend anyone by that comment. That was not my intent. I used to work with a guy from that area and that was one of his sayings. Mary is right that is what the HB stands for.


Grand old barn Chickie,thank you.---I suspect HB stands for Hill Billy.


What is HB engineering morris?

Dottie, maybe it is to keep rain out so they can leave the door open so the hay can dry after baling. Hay gets very hot right after baling and can combust, so it needs plenty of ventilation.

You don't have to get off very far to find them oddio. They are everywhere.


I think I said it before, and I will say it again: your photos inspire me to take more time next time I travel through southern Illinois, get off the interstate and get some photographs.


My thoughts too, grannygoat and Chickie! What is the reason for the roof to stick out in front? I'm sure there's a great reason.


Looks looks there are a couple of cinder blocks there also. A lot less work than putting a few screws in tu hold it down. HB engineering!


Thank you morris.

I was thinking the same thing grannygoatlady.


I'm going out on a limb here and saying the logs on the roof is probably to keep the loose tin from blowing off.......maybe.


can't figure out why those logs are on the roof, either. Took some work tu get them up there. Nice shot, chickie.


Thank you anitas, Patti, Adriana, jcarroll, Ank, lydie, Hanke, warbler and Gene.

Still askeered warbler. I walked up to a barb war fence and took the shot over it.


Great old barn sandy I like the way it was built to bad it is fall around itself


Awesome barn, Chickie. I love it. Lectrik, water,wood roof rounds fer th' stil--Iffn I frenchise my busnes, youd hav a grate plac to start from. I see you must have pulled in a little to take the photo. Are you conquering your askeerdness?


It has been a marvellous building with the shelter for loading!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


The tree stumps on top of the roof are odd. In it's glory days I'm sure it was amazing.


A very old barn, lovely, thanks.


Another nice barn photo, chickie!


I just love these old barns


Love it!


Another great photo chickie.