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A favourite mooring spot in Bermuda.

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Thanks PPM.


Please visit David###.


Yes the Island is beautiful JB, thanks.

Glad to help Ank, stay warm, thanks.

Thank you bookish.


Love your Bermuda and accompanying comments, as always. Thanks Robbie.


Awww Robbie, just looking to this pictures and I begin to feel warm again. When I go outside I wear two sweaters and a winter coat, and don't forget your hat otherwise your ears fall off. So keep these photos coming, I have a backlog and always late with solving, but I love them.


I can see why you'd moor there. It's beautiful. Of course, all of Bermuda appears to be beautiful! Thanks, Robbie.


UH oh, I upset mama H, none of your relatives were ever thrown in mama, it was all roadkill!!!

The one and only gem.

Yes chook you are lucky!

UM Morris stop stirring the pot!!

Back them I looked like you Jacques!!

Smart divot.

You're welcome Nana and cevas, thanks.

She sure did PKH.

Thanks Graci, PK and Buck.

Yes it is Glad, thanks.

Yes Katerin and it was my wife Jenny's ex who did the job!!! Very small world.

They live in a different world than me Rob, thanks............Actually now that I think about it for short periods of time they live in MY WORLD!!

You're welcome Celeste, Shirley and Sissel and thanks.

Hanne you are right, thanks.


Why doesn't he just enjoy his house here and leave the Italians alone?? - and the world?? Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Thanks Robbie - as I wrote on my puzzle - the weather is not like mine :-)


This is beautiful Robbie, Thanks.


Wow so cool Robbie
Thanks for the great story too :)


Ross Perot dynamiting reef??? Disgusting!! Silvio might be a little busy to holiday here if he decides to run for President again!!


We could see Tucker Town from our home across the bay. I remember hearing about Ross Perot dynamiting the reef there to make a better mooring space for his boats and all the trouble he got in for doing that. I just love seeing all these pictures of Bermuda. Thank you!!!


This is a beautiful spot for a vacation or better yet place to live. Thank you for sharing.


A truly beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing your story about this place.


Gorgeous place .....


Great picture Robbie! thanks


Your mom knew where to put down anchor! A marvelous place.


Wonderful picture! Thanks, Robbie. And thank you also for all the extra information !


Great photo and interesting story, Robbie. Thank you!


Just shows how smart sharks are. I take chicken first as well!


Robbie, you do not have chickens, but I think the sharks were shocked when you get in the water, they probably thought you were a dangerous whale! I think it's a great story, thank you mate!


Look out you tu! He's going tu feed you tu the sharks!


OMG - I'm glad I'm a chook!!!!


THE (disreputable) Berlusconi?




The property is called Blue Horizons and had several owners over the years. It is now owned by Signor Berlusconi from Italy. The house is quite old for Tuckers Town and is a beautiful property. This was my mom's favourite place to anchor when picnicking or sleeping overnight. In Bermuda property owners only own land to the high water mark. Everything else belongs to the Crown and is public, so we could use the beach there on the left and moor our boats anywhere in the bay. Today it is quite crowded in the summer. Ross Perot has his property to the left and those are his buoys you see. He moors several sizes of boats and jet skis and the Italians moor their boats over by the boathouse. In the old days we would hardly see anyone else around. It is nice to see the houses used today. At night we caught quite a few fish and cooked on the boat. Yes Jacques we swam at night and there were sharks around in the deeper water. We asked them to leave us alone and fed them chicken!!