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Pastel Poppies! (KaleidoBOARDS!)

45 pieces
138 solves
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Thanks so much, Pat!


Good one thanks Jan


Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in Brazil? (or even New Orleans?) It's something I've always wanted to do! Thanks so much, Gail!


These are so beautiful. It does look like Mardi Gras in Rio!


Thanks so much, PJ! :D


Lovely, Jan - and such a happy puzzle :-)))


Josie - the finest compliment one can get for a puzzle, is that it made someone happy. Thank YOU!

Rosie, than you for that image. I am heading to Jamaica in about a month. So, this puzzle will now make me think of that! Thanks.

Katie - sounds like the snowy, cold part of the US really needs a colorful lift. We are getting snow predictions, too. But, I will think positively. Glad you liked it!!

Pat - I love you additions to the caribbean scene. Little girls in tutus on the sand can't help but make us smile! Thanks so much!

Hester - That is another lovely image. And, I always want to make room for a Tequila Sunrise, or at least a lovely sunrise of some sort! :D

Hanne - The queen is indeed lovely, as are her ladies-in-waiting! Thank you so much!!


The queen in the middle and those that help her glory on both sides!! SO beautiful, Jan, thanks a lot!!


For me, it's the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy! How about that as an ear worm, Pat? LOL Obviously accompanied by a Tequila Sunrise suitably dressed with pastel umbrella! :-))


Oh, yeah, I can feel that warmth radiating all the way here to NY! Along with grass skirts and umbrellas in tropical drinks, I see a macrame hammock (first board) swinging in a gentle breeze, and a troop of little girls in pastel net tutus frolicking on the sand! :-)))


I just love your Boards Jan! Rosie's take on this puzzle is perfect. Thanks ever so much for the bright spot in our day!


Fun in the Caribbean, steel drums, grass skirts shaking and those tropical drinks! Warm sunshine I can feel it now and have a big smile on my face. Will stay away from the windows and doors here in Mn. I promise. Thanks for the lift to my day.


I didn't make the board, but who cares, I smiled all the way through, thank you once again.


Dear Jan, I don't want to just tickle your ear, but looking at this image lifted my spirits, thank you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dottie - we must have the same color palette! I love these, too. Thanks so much!

Ardy - Glad you liked the get back to bed!!

Edie - Thanks so much for the feedback! I am glad you liked them. Some of those centers are quite large.

Thanks so much, JC!


Fun one, Jan!


These were great Jan. Beautiful colours and they all had a centre which I find helps tremendously in solving. Loved it. Thanks


Lovely, Jan. I slipped on to the bottom of the board. I'm seriously thinking about going back to bed. Thanks for a delightful puzzle.


All of my favorite colors are in this one! :) Thank you so much, Jan! I love it!


Thank you, Shushanbeth. I'm glad you liked it.


It's so colorful ,I love it!