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Blake holding single piece of copper which produces the pots and pans seen here.

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I wish I could show you that piece of copper yellow, if Blake dropped it, the concrete floor would have a dent in it! No wine breath yet, before lunch!

Robbie, it does sort of look like el senore is a bit nervous that Blake may drop the piece & cause some dents . . . was there wine on his breath (Blake's) do you suppose?? Happy to hear one of you behaved.

PG, tsk, tsk . . . this man made a piece for the Pope after all !


Thank you all very much again. He does chickie.Certainly is skilled Hanne, PKH and PK. We would all die from laughing too much Graci! India PG! For sure PPM and yes.


Beautiful work.


PG, for shame.


Did you look on the bottom to see if it said Made in China?


Great set Robbie


Robbie thanks for all the laughs tonight, we all should start a company of comedians!


A master of his craft.


They are very skilled - are able to do the most fabulous things!! Thanks Robbie!


Looks to me like the coppersmith is afraid Blake will run off with it. LOL Very interesting Robbie. Thank you.


The coppersmith beats this solid piece of copper by hand and produces the food bell in former picture and all of these pots. He produced a huge copper picture for the Pope 5 years ago and talked with him for 10 minutes. His son and grandson are both showing interest in the craft, so they will be 5th and 6th generation coppersmiths. A real pleasure to meet someone like this who is very proud of his heritage and pleased to show others his trade. Spoke no English except to Blake.....Meester, meester, stand here!!!..........I was well behaved as you well know, but Blake kept wandering!!