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TILE 1151 (smaller version available-see comments box)

81 pieces
78 solves
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lol . . . and thank you Ardy.
Over tired four year olds can get a bit troublesome . . . thank goodness my 'little angels' are well passed that age . . . lol. So glad you had an enjoyable evening though.


That was supposed to be "used" not "sued"


Hi Su. I like the blues in this one and always enjoy the background you sued here - rays of light bursting forth. 1150 is my favorite tonight. Like everything about it, the colors, the lighting, the design, the background. 1149 appears to be glowing from within. I think 1148 would make a great Halloween design. Thanks, Su. These were fun. Supper was nice even though 4-year-olds who are getting tired can be a problem I still had a nice chat with her Mom.


Thank you so much Lesley . . . I see you've clocked up some pretty fast times there . . . :D)


Thanks Su for a lovely set of puzzles this evening.


A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on