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Friday Circles - small

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  1. Phil_The_Greek0:27
  2. Beej0:30
  3. RandomWorship0:31
  4. Monkito0:33
  5. RCFD4280:33
  6. lavette960:34
  7. Kelnic0:37
  8. ItsK80:37
  9. Feduchess0:38


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I'm honoured that you started back with my puzzle, Beekay. Glad your wrist is feeling better but don't overdo it. Enjoy the rest of your day. :-)


My wrist is feeling much better and I'm going to start allowing myself perhaps 3 solves a day to begin with. This fun beauty was a great one to start with. Thanks Barb, have a wonderful Sunday☺


Thank you, Pam. I'm very pleased you like this. :-)


Love this fascinating circle puzzle, Barb - it looks like it should be shining up in the night sky. :-))


Glad you had fun with this, Kirsten, and thanks for the cute Pigs in Space link! :-)))


Fun design, Barb! It's "circles in space". In my head, that's being said by the person who did the voice-over for "Pigs in Space" from The Muppets. LOL (❛ᴗ❛)


Thank you I send greetings to Toronto ☼


Thank you, Irena. Good night. :-)


Yes Barb, thank You. Now he is with us night. I bid You farewell. Maybe tomorrow I'll see you again. I send greetings from the Czech republic.


You're welcome, Irena. Hope you have a nice weekend too. :-)


Thank You Barb. Have a nice weekend. Irena


You're very welcome, Momsmom72. Glad you like this. :-)


Far Out vision of Space!! WOWzer colors too!! Thank You, for a fun solve too!! (*_*) 1:05


Thanks, Barb. So pleased you like this. :-)


Love your new planet and the wonderful colors, all my favorites, you used Barb. Extra stars only add to the impression.... :)


My first thought was the same as yours, Ardy, a new planet. And I thought of the 4 corners as moons orbiting the planet. Glad you liked the puzzle. It's been cool all day here with a mix of sun and cloud. I hope that any rain that comes your way is gentle. Enjoy the rest of your day. :-)


Beautiful new planet, Barb. I LOVE this. Wow. Thank you. 0:58 didn't quite make the board. My hairdresser had a funeral to go to this morning and needed me to come an hour earlier. I'm always glad to accommodate her. She does it for me when I need to change time. But it has put me behind in solving. Cloudy, cool and getting cooler rather than warmer as Canadian air has come to visit. We are also awaiting some gentle rains from the hurricane. No more than 1/2 to an inch tomorrow. I've got to add more of these to bookmarks. Fantastic puzzle. Thanks so much.


Thanks, Jeanette. Glad you found this to be a special one today. :-)


You're welcome, 6TC. I'm happy you enjoyed the circles and colours and stars. :-)


Stars with our circle Barb, love the center and the four corners too, a very special Friday circle you've given us today! ✲✲✲


Beautiful sharp colors, great circles and shiny stars as a bonus - so pretty! Thanks, tigress.


Good morning, Sandi. Glad you enjoyed the circles and sparkly stars. The weather is great! Right now it's 50F heading to the mid 60sF and sunny. I love this cooler weather. Enjoy your trip to the gym and have fun with the veggies. :-)


Good Morning, Barb. Thanks for the beautiful circles and sparkles. Fun solve! We are having such wonderful weather!!! The nights are cool and the days are warm and sunny! I will go to the gym this morning, then I can choose to dig potatoes or pressure can green beans. I hope your day is wonderful.


Thank you, Irena. I'm so pleased you stopped by and left a comment. Have a good day. :-)


Barb, very nice kaleido. Thanks and good day to you Irena.


Thanks, Shirley. Now if I can only remember what buttons I clicked to get this effect. :-))


Wow, this is beautiful, Barb, I love the sparkle, colours and the shape, Thank you.

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