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Tapestry Picture - Circular Tabby Cat

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I enjoyed stitching this small tapestry but, guess what? It's not framed! Another one I'll have to get round to actually framing so I can hang it.


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Thanks Sandy & Pumpkin - I find it therapeutic, not much patience involved for me as I'm quite an impatient person! I just do all of one colour at a time before moving on to the next colour (I don't work across, changing the colour as I go as it's too fiddly that way)!
Barb - what a lovely set you have to keep and remind you of the time you stitched them with your mother. Things like that can be passed down and kept in the family and become heirlooms.


Nicely done. wish I had the patience to do something like this.

Speaking of seat cushion covers, my Mother taught me needlepoint while we stitched 6 covers for her dining room chairs back in the 1950s. I have the complete dining room set now , with the covers. She had them professionally attached with a heavy vinyl top cover to protect them. They still look like new.


You do very nice work Nicky.


Hello tekchal - yes, I'm stitching a large seat cover at the moment which is a Royal School of Needlework one and is a parrot among flowers. Not sure when I'll get that one finished though as I started it months ago! I find stitching half cross stitch (or tent stitch as it's sometimes called) very therapeutic.


I've seen seat covers made from tapestry, not that I would suggest a lovely piece like this should be sat on.


Thanks thread your needle - I don't get quite so much time now, but I have M.E. so stitching was sometimes all I could do when it was really bad!
Thanks Ardy - yes I did have a friend who learned to do framing but she had to retire due to ill health herself. Not sure I could do it myself though! Not sure I'd have wall space for all the stitched pictures I have!


Lovely kitty, Nicky. What you need is a friend who does framing as a hobby. Or maybe that's a new hobby for you. Thanks for sharing.


cute one, you must spend a lot of time stitching!