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Good Morning Thought

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This is my country road last week when it snowed just a little..


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I know thanks Shirley...


Even I knew the answer to this one, Pat :):) Thanks.


Thanks Celeste ....


:) great picture Pkin


Jan ..Mimi..gnt1041 I had to do an easy one and boy was it easy....thanks for playing ... You know when your Highness gets it ... It is easy..


well I been thinking for some time now but maybe "GLASS" LOL ???


Well now, I'm so proud. Even I got this one! Thanks for the easy!


Glass of course.


Why not get caught in that one. It might be fun. Just kidding. Thanks for playing Fran. Hugs


Glass. Not getting caught in that one. :)
Late as usual, now to read comments.


I thought so that way I can show my photos clean you GLASSes... Warbler you have a great day


Great idea with the backgrounds. I can't read the puzzle so I'll go clean my GLASSes.


Good morning Mandy I just never thought of that.... But then I had the answer too.... Nice to see you ...


Well, in this day and age I think a Green House means something entirely different... it's made of solar panels, insulation, wind turbines and anything else to save on using fossil fuels for heating and lighting. I found an image here:
Nice "trick" question Pat, thanks!!!


Of course I knew you meant glass when you said that... It just made it a little more interesting not being solved so soon... It was an easy one.... but you have too have one of those once in a while... but watch out in the future.... you never know... hugs


of course i meant glass,, i did not want to give it away so the others could play too. I guess it all boils down to symantics


Lucy you got it when you said clear.. I thought you meant glass then... have a great day Hugs

Good morning Danny that's your opinion..... and they are not connected ... that would really give it away... good to see you anyway....


I'm with Grandmalucy.... The words 'green' and 'house' should be connected.
You're disqualified :-)


You know Pat because the words green and house are not connected it is a green colored house.
It finally stopped raining with 2/3" of rain. our winds have not came yet. and we have sunshine. it is 8 a.m. have a nice day hugs to you...Lucy


Good morning Jim isn't it funny how that happens.... good to see you....


Good Morning, Pat! I first thought, I don't want to think real hard this morning, and then the lightbulb came on! Good one!


Well Good morning there your Highness you are up early aren't you... Was going to send it you way but thought different it wouldn't be so pretty....


Glass Ms. Pat. Why do you have all that white stuff on the road and in the field?


Thanks Mazda ... I decided to make the background with my pictures ... that makes it more interesting.. thanks ... you and everyone else have gotten this one this morning... seems like I just made it too easy.... have to think tomorrow... nice to see you...

Thanks for posting.
I like it just when it snow a little. :)


Good morning Morris don't work too hard ... I'm taking the day off...


Good Morning, Pat!! Have a great day!!


Good morning Lorna You are good this morning ... have a great day.. Hugs..
Good morning Ardy ... thank You ... there is a difference ... have a good day yourself ... Hugs


I like this picture too. I also liked the sky one from yesterday. I wrote a short novel on that one and forgot to say Thanks for sharing it. One could argue that there is a different between a green house and a greenhouse. Fun. Thanks, Pat. Have good day. Stay safe. Hugs.


Ah, you are not catching me out on this one Pat! I'm with Grandmalucy , and I got the answer before reading the comments too!


Lucy you are good this morning... We still have strong winds...


Good morning lindaisling ... always ready to wake up those grey cells... think again..


we have a lot of rain and still raining. no wind yet that will come later when the front goes thru. it is 48' now wow. I now reread the clue and know the material is clear. hehehe.


Well, it would depend on whether the green house was a temporary structure for seasonal use or if it was a permanent structure for year round growing...usually though they are made of a frame and plastic cover... Thanks for the fun way to wake up my brain! Love it. :)


Good morning Lucy ...not bricks...did you get any storms???

Thank you .. hugs


I forgot to say, this is a beautiful photo. Hugs.


Good morning Sis I did see it and you are correct.. Have a great day Love ya Hugs


well it would be made of bricks.
Good morning Pat.


Good morning dear, I just wrote that at an other puzzle too. And I don't answer here, thats to early. Tell me if you saw my answer I remove it.