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Self Portrait2

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Yes not2swift this is Oprah's self-portrait Club. There is an entrance fee. Now hand over all of your band candy.


Is this Oprah's self-portrait club I just stumbled into? You look marvelous and did a fantastic job. Encore!


Yes it is. It was a chair. I didn't see it there at the bottom. It was about two in morning. Didn't notice it till after I published the image.

Is it the blue patch next to your left shoulder ? Just guessing : )


Well now that you mention the eye Babchi, I see there are four 'unfinished' areas. The blue yellow eye I did not fill in because the area was so small I thought a pattern would make the eye hard to see. Might have felt the same about the ear. I think I just liked the eyebrow as plain green. But I missed one last piece by accident


I can see it!! But I'll have to wait until another time to solve the puzzle... probably over the weekend It looks great fun, thanks Ivan :~)


I don't have any confidence that this answer is correct but is it the yellow/blue eye? I'm not so smart. I really don't know but i am curious and its been interesting to try to figure it out. you are very clever. thanks for sharing


Well if I say exactly what I mean you should it right away. Most of this picture is patterns. Most of rest is original photograph. One small piece is neither.


its difficult to try to figure out what you mean = what r u talking about


So did anyone notice that I missed a spot?
And where do you think I did?