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My March Calendar

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It's March already! I am still trying to figure out what happened to January. Forget February. Zoom!


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Cel! What happened? I hope you get better quickly. It can't be fun having a wrist injury. Oh, I just reread your comment. Okay, will hear about it in two weeks. Good to see you back in Jigidi-land.


Already March. Does a happy dance.
giggles :)
Im back... kinda had a booboo and wasnt able to use my right hand for a few days. so..just took a break from everything . Still pretty sore but getting strength back in my wrist. It will make a funny story to tell in 2 weeks ..:)


I don't do anything special for St Patrtick's Day normally, Lorna (though my great grandfather was born in Ireland). It's just that on that day and the day after, a few of us are getting together when Pumpkinhead and her husband drive through Illinois on their way to Arkansas.

Thank you very much, Pat and gnt! Love hearing from you.


very nice pic


Very pretty LJ


Pretty calendar Laura. So how do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?


Oh, I definitely am, too, lyndee. Oh yes.

Mariolyn, that is exactly what happened. Sneaky March.

Two weeks, chickie and pumpkin. Well, 15 days, to be exact. But who's counting...besides me?


I don't usually get excited about St Pattys Day, but this year for some reason, I'm looking forward to it :)


It really just kind of snuck up on us.


I know! just about 2 wks away! : )


Before you know it, it will be St. Patrick's Day :)
Time is flying by in my world as well. Great calendar you have, LJ!