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Canyon at "The Shrine", Bornholm.

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Indeed, yes, thanks so very much Ank!!


very beautiful, so rugged.


These rocks ARE dangerous if you don't respect them. Every year some school children who are too wild fall down and break legs and whatever. It's awful when it happens, and it's awful that their teachers haven't told them enough how dangerous it is to try to climb here - or prevent them from doing it!! You are able to go out on them in certain places and if you stay on the path there is nothing the matter. If these view points had to be closed it would be very bad!! The teachers must learn to be responsible. Thanks so very much Ardy!!

Yes, isn't it, Sandy? Thanks so very much!!


A beautiful canyon Hanne. Thanks


I wouldn't want to get too close to that edge. Is it as dangerous as it looks? Thanks for sharing, Hanne and Bent.