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Magnificent Frigatebird, Galapagos

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Thanks Dotty!! (❛ᴗ❛)


@RandomWorship You definitely didn't offend me by saying you don't do social media, especially working full time! I mainly use Facebook as a place to share my photos--and I took about 5000 while I was in Ecuador! (Only shared about 100--LOL!) I have had fun connecting with you and Wim thru Jigidi. See you there again soon! Dotty


Hi Dotty! Sorry for the slow reply. I work full time, and only have an hour or two each evening for Jigidi during the week. And this week I was out two nights, which puts me about three days behind on Jigidi! LOL!!!

And this is definitely a way you can connect privately with people (on an unpublished puzzle). I think it's lovely of you to consider us friends, and want to connect further. And I feel awful saying this ............. but I don't have any social media - I know, I'm a complete social media dinosaur! LOL Seriously, Jigidi is my only social media! My friends and family don't understand.......... LOL But on top of having no social media, I'm terribly time-poor. The few people I have connected with via email must hate me because I never have the time for email! I'm a terrible correspondent!! The spare time I have is generally used in making puzzles. So would you be happy to just chat here on this puzzle instead? I hope so. And very much hope that I haven't offended you. I have learnt that it's better to be honest up-front, rather than setting unrealistic expectations and disappointing people and feeling horribly guilty.

By the way - a trip to the Galapagos sounds like it would have been amazing!!! Getting out and seeing nature is a wonderful thing to do. I'm much more Galapagos than Disneyland. The most amazing thing I've ever seen was the Great Barrier Reef. I've snorkelled it about three times, and the last time was the most amazing trip. On top of the amazing coral and tropical fish, and hand-feeding and touching a groper - we also saw turtles and reef sharks! But even just the coral and fish are amazing. It's like being immersed in a 3D garden, surrounded by the most beautiful and colourful butterflies and birds. Oh, and I just remembered another amazing thing I saw - the giant clams. The "lips" are electric blue!! SOOOOOO beautiful!!!

Alrighty, time to trundle off and try to catch up on three days missed on Jigidi! Thanks again for reaching out, Dotty! (❛ᴗ❛)


@wammetje @RandomWorship Please read the previous message connected with this unpublished puzzle I created.


RandomWorship and wammetje I'm writing to see if this is a way to privately contact other Jigidi puzzlers. I feel as if we have become friends and I wondered if you would like to connect on Facebook, if you are members. I have a number of albums of photos of my Galapagos trip. My FB name is Dotty Greenlee Morrison. I think you can reply to this since I'm not publishing it.