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Never Say I Don't Have Time

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On my way home @ 5:15 PM


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Great to see you Nellies thanks


Jcaroll, you are so right about jigidi. Late at night when I can't sleep I'll turn to my puzzles -- they and my new found jigidi friends are always there. Do so much look forward to visits from kids and grandkids and little jaunts in the warmer weather to take photos. Thanks pkin for the reminder.


Good evening Sis I did enjoy today. Even though I had to work.
Thanks Fran it sure is....
Tex ... We never think of things until it is too late mainly because to so many people if it doesn't rock their world they don't bother.... People don't have feelings for other one now... So many are too much like kids or just don't care.. Sorry I'll get off my soap box...
Mandy you are so welcome


Pat, here's another story with a different ending.
Neither one of us felt like going anywhere this morning but we forced ourselves. The hardest part was getting dressed and out to the end of the driveway.
The next 6 hours were great fun together!


Thanks for this one, Pat - I really do appreciate the depth of meaning in it :~)


Oh, Pat, that almost made me cry about the sister at the end! Why do we think about things when it's too late? Thanks for the wakeup call!


It's a good reminder. Thanks Pat.


Enjoy the day, enjoy live. Do what you like to do. Is something nice coming up, enjoy it, is nothing coming up enjoy that too. Live!
Hugs dear.


You are so right Jim ... I had to laugh my son of all people was talking to the older ladies at the Lowes distribution center in Findlay Ohio last week about his mother and her puzzles.. He called me to find the web site.. don't know if they ever got on but I thought it was a funny little story...


Pat, we have only just started going lots of places since last fall. For the first 7 years we lived here, we rarely went to more than 4 cities in the area!
Before that, in the summertime or during the winter, we would make plans to see this or that, then I would get busy on the nice days doing projects and rarely travel outside of our regular 'habitrails'.
Then we joined Jigidi and I got the photography bug so during the miserable heat wave we had last year we said this fall, we are going to get out more! (This is an unpaid, unsolicited testimony about Jigidi. Don't put off joining Jigidi. Join today! And you get to keep score! LOL!)


Jim I sure didn't think you were one of those people ... I guess because you and Sue are always going places...
BFF ... It is true ..and we all do it.. Thanks for stopping in .. and we do have a tendency to think we will live forever....


BFF How true and we are all guilty of this to some degree. I suppose we think we are going to live forever and have plenty of time.


Good one, Pat! Two of my favorites are: I'm wearing my raggeddy old sweats and don't feel like getting dressed or It will be dark before we get home! (I'm not afraid of the dark. Just got out of the habit of driving in it!)


Well thanks so much Ardy ... I try maybe a little ... you have a great day .... even a rainy day can be a great day if you want it to be... Hugs


Pat, I'd put these thoughts along side the one that reminds me not to wait to tell someone you care. I keep wondering if the parents of those children in Connecticut told their child they were loved as they went off to school on that fateful day. And I love spur of the minute plans too. But I also try to make advance plans for those who can't do spur of the minute. Thank you for what you give us all every day. I do appreciate you. (HUGS)


I do too Lorna .... They always miss the fun....thanks ..


Good one Pat. I love doing things "at the drop of a hat", and usually enjoy them more than if the event was pre-planned. But I know people like that, and who always seem to come up with a reason why they can't join in; their loss I think, and I enjoy telling them later how nice a time I had!


Well enough is enough....I thought I had posted a answer to find out that it didn't post...
Lucy I have jumped at the chance to go out and eat.. I love doing that spare of the moment thing.... but there are a lot of people that if it's not in the schedule for get it.....


I jump at the chance to go out, anytime and i haveat the spur on the moment treated my daughter and her daughter to lunch. The world is too short to not take that time to enjoy each other....amen.