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Fractal abstraction

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This is my favorite of all the fractals I've made as far as its being art. ... :-)


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It certainly is hard to keep up with all of them, Shirley! I'm so glad you enjoyed this, my friend!


Yes, jill, you should be proud of this one, and rightly so, I love it, it's a beauty, I love the distort or skewed panel on the right, it gives the appearence of an open door, and a very pretty one at that, Thank you Jill.
Sorry I haven't been here earlier Jill, I've been finding it hard to keep up with everyones beautiful puzzles.


I really appreciate your thoughtful and encouraging words, T! I guess you saw the statement under the picture. I was very pleased with this one! I'm so glad you gave it a "Wow", my friend. Thanks so much!


Fractal attraction was how I read it at first glance and it's an accurate misread. This is so good words are inadequate. How about a WOW as that's what I'm left saying :-) This would grace the walls of any gallery. Thank you, Jill.


Thank you so much, roerick! That is a very nice compliment! I'm so glad you think it is stunning!.... :-))


This is stunning--the colors are wonderful together and the pepply blue and rust together are fantastic. Thanks.


Thank you, Jo. I'm glad you see what I saw in it! I appreciate your letting me know. Glad you enjoyed it, my friend!


Very Artful indeed!! It is absolutely gorgeous!! I was attracted to the colors as well as that Great Design!! Love the "pebbled" turquois blue!! Thanks Jill!! :) 4:49


Thanks, leepixie! I'm so glad you like it..... :-)

This is really cool!