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Down Memory Lane ---1940

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This will also tell you all of the cool stuff that happened that year. So, check out the year you graduated from high school, you were born, got married, etc. Great memories!
Take an awesome trip back to "the day... your day".

Back ground picture.. On my way home from work


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I know you weren't even thought of... and I was to small to remember....


well this was a lesson for me though I remember what I have heard about these things later as I was not born yet in 1940 LOL


Naoma you just got a history lesson... a puzzle history lesson at that... great to see you.. have a great day..


This is the year I was born, and I didn't know the M & M's was invented that year, darn I have been eating them for a long time. ha, ha, Thanks. . . Naoma


Thanks Ardy it has been fun going back in time... I don't remember this one either....we lived in western Ohio then...Close to the Indiana line..Hugs


Don't remember much about this year. I do have a picture of me that was probably taken that year. There was a man with a pony who would go around and take a picture of a child on the pony for a small fee. Grandma let me do it. I was so excited to sit on the pony with a cowgirl scarf and hat that the photographer carried with him. As I think back now I realize he was doing what he could to earn some money. We were just nearing the end of the great depression and just before we were drawn into WWII. This going back in time has been fun, Pat. Thanks so much. Hugs


Thanks Lucy it was a good year...


THis is my year, i was born this year. so was my husband. do take care hugs .