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Vintage Ads: 1947 DDT is good for me

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Yup! Use it on everything - apples, milk and beef cattle, vegetables. Even sprinkle it around the house for healthier homes! After the success at disease reduction during WWII, "they" decided DDT was the new miracle for modern living. Odd name for a company, though: "Killing Salt" Chemicals.

A side note: I saw a film segment from around this time in which the government set up a bleachers full of well-dressed young housewives, then ran a truck in front of them and sprayed them all with a rolling cloud of DDT, just to show how harmless it was....


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Well, they dosed soldiers pretty thoroughly with it. My impression was that it was a lot less toxic to humans than many modern insecticides (because the insects have gotten tougher, among other things). The biggest problem with DDT, I think, was the persistence and toxicity of the breakdown products, which could build up in the food chain.


good one and nice set dondi